As the saying goes ” first impression is the best impression “,  it is essential for a homepage to be impressive. Customers prefer to be associated with businesses that prove to be meticulously planned and have the ability to execute their ideas. When you are hiring a web designing company ask them to implement these […]

Quick example of PHP code needed to create a short code for Page Title.   function page_title_sc( ){ return get_the_title(); } add_shortcode( ‘page_title’, ‘page_title_sc’ );   Add this to functions.php file of your theme. This will create [page_title] shortcode that returns the page title.

Omnipay is a common payment gateway package which supports a variety of payment gateways. Here is the step by step guide on integrating this package with Laravel 5.   1. Include the laravel-omnipay package as a dependency in your composer.json “ignited/laravel-omnipay”: “2.*”,   2. Include the required payment gateway. Here we use Paypal. For other gateway […]