App Realization Process

Clear understanding of the product/process is very crucial for any project to succeed
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Why Get into ARP?

Mckinsey survey says more than 50% of projects experience some sort of failure, due to various reasons such as unaligned goals, incomplete requirements, unrealistic features and timeline, etc.

Boundless Scope

Having no clarity on the project requirement may lead to bad experiences on all angles, ultimately leading to waste of budget and time

Missing Deadlines

Without a defined scope, a development company can get into an unrealistic timeline. The anticipated timeline can get deviated hugely.

Not Meeting Expectations

Without a clear understanding, the project may go in a different direction than expected, leading to even more confusion.

Can you imagine building a house without blueprint?

Wire-frame prototypes and clearly defined scopes are blueprints for software projects. Without them achieving the desired output becomes difficult from all angles.

The Process

It is you (the client) who is the author of the idea behind the application, so we do require your valuable time to throw more light on the idea and functionalities that you envision for your product.


A series of sessions mostly over a week to get insights about your idea and thought process.


On completion of the brainstorming session, the defined roles and modules are documented in a detailed manner

Documentation Review & Feedback Addressal

Once the documentation is done, the client reviews the document and shares his/her feedback. The Business Analyst works on the given feedback and submits the final document.


Once the documentation is approved, the Business Analyst works on the wireframe for the entire application. This would be a screen-by-screen approach where every detail would be incorporated into each view of the wireframe.

Wireframe Review & Feedback Addressal

Once the wireframe is done, the client is presented with the wireframe and the BA explains the elements and the flow of the application. The Business Analyst works on the given feedback and submits the final wireframe.


Minor changes that are to be done to documentation and wireframe, which may have arisen during the course of the process will be updated.

Delivery Plan and Estimate

Once the requirements are finalized, the project delivery plan, estimate & tech stack will be provided.

Benefits of ARP

Detailed Scope

We are intensely enthusiastic about providing a superior experience.


We are polite and kind to one another, even when it gets tough.

Better Solutions

We are empowered to do our jobs and work towards a common goal.

Common Objective

We work as a team and trust each other to create a seamless experience.

Sneak Peek into few of Apps that Underwent the App Realization Process

Internal Process Automation for Logistics Company

Ticketing Application for a Security Venture

Online electronics rental application

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