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In this digital era, the application software acts as a bridge between consumers and service providers. On-demand multi vendor food delivery app is now creating a significant impact on business. We are a leading web application development company in Chennai, India that has achieved a unique place in developing high-end multi-vendor food ordering & food delivery applications to customers worldwide. If you have plans to launch your multi-vendor food application, you have taken the right decision by associating with us to develop the most advanced and affordable multi-vendor food application for your business.

Roles & Apps

Admin Web App

The master application that automates the entire food delivery system. Internal staff is also provided access to admin app with restricted capabilities

Customer Mobile App

Customer can view the list of restaurants available in this locality, place and track orders

Vendor Mobile App

A Vendor can manage the restaurant, food and orders through this application

Driver Mobile App

Drivers accept the orders placed by customers, picks and delivers food to customers.

Key Features

Order Management

The admin has a complete view of the overall order history and its delivery status.

Content Management

The admin can access the overall content in the app to update or delete according to their wish.

Message Customers/

The admin has the functionality to message customers/restaurants for their convenience.

Email Alerts To Registered Users

The admin has access to send emails to registered users for any communication purpose.

Form Management

Admin has a separate form for merchants and drivers for enrollment to get the essential information covered.

Payment Module

This feature shows admin the payments that happen for vendors, customers, and drivers.

Earning & Distribution Module

It displays the total revenue and earnings of the vendor, admin, and driver.

Customer Support Module

This feature enables the admin to solve any issues raised by the vendor, driver, or customer.

Coupon Management

The admin can generate any coupons or offers for their branding activities.

Creation Of Default Menus

The admin can add the default foods list with their images to make the vendor convenient.

Backup & Restore Database

By having access to the database, the admin can always restore and recover the data.

Admin Payment Management

Admin transacts the particular amount to the restaurant/driver by using this feature.

Vendor Approval

The admin approves the vendor after verifying the vendor application form.

Customer Module

The admin has access to customer information and also their orders and transactions they made.

Customer App Features

Nearby Restaurants

Using GPS and navigation systems, the user gets the flexibility to explore the restaurants nearby his location.

Ratings & Reviews

Using GPS and navigation systems, the user gets the flexibility to explore the restaurants nearby his location.

Real-Time Order Tracking

The user can see the order processing in real-time and view the driver’s live location in this feature

In-App Payment Modes

Here the user has different payment modes to choose their flexible payment method to pay their bills.

Offer & Discount Features

The customer enjoys the discounts and offers provided by the restaurant for their orders.

Cancellation of Orders

The customer has the flexibility to cancel their order within a stipulated time.

Call Integration

Here the customer can call the delivery person and restaurant to know the status or customizations in the order.

Food-Based Search

Once the user types their food name in the search box, they can check the availability of the food from their favourite restaurant and plan the order.

Location-Based Search

With the latest navigation system, the app updates the user’s location and suggests the favourite food spots according to the nearest location.

Profile Settings

Customers can manage their addresses, phone numbers and change their information according to their convenience.

OTP Login

Customers can sign up by using their mobile numbers, where they receive an OTP. Post entering the OTP, they can log in.

OTP Confirmation

Whenever customers order the food, they receive an OTP from the app and collect the order

Vendor App Features

Order Management

The vendor can accept or reject the order by checking the availability of food.

Vendor Payment Management

The admin can transact the payment to the vendor, and also the vendor can view the entire transaction.

Order Status

The vendor views the complete order status from placing the order till the order gets delivered to the customer

Ratings & Reviews

The vendor can view the ratings and reviews of their restaurant to know about their services.

Vendor Dashboard

The vendor dashboard shows information like recent orders, balance payments, and recent payments.

Creation Of Menu

The vendor has default menus already set up, but if the vendor has new menus to be added, they have the flexibility to create them.

Driver App Features

Navigation Guide

Our food delivery app provides the latest navigation guide for the driver to reach the destination quickly.

Driver Dashboard

The driver dashboard contains information like recent orders, money earned and the total number of orders completed.

Work Tracking

When the driver starts their work, they need to turn “ON” the work tracking mode. And based on that, the total number of working hours will get calculated.

Manage Orders

The driver can manage their orders by accepting the order or rejecting the order in a stipulated time.

Driver Earnings

The driver can view their information, such as about their earnings and incentives.

Call Integration

The driver has access to call the restaurant and customer by using this feature.

OTP Confirmation

For every order, the driver should receive the OTP from the customer and deliver the food.

Is it Affordable? YES!

We have successful clients where we have implemented multi vendor food  delivery app solution at an affordable cost. At present the system comprises of Customer App, Admin App, Driver App & Vendor App. Get in touch with us to discuss on your requirement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the apps we build are compatible with both mobile platforms. We use a hybrid framework that enables us to support Web, iOS & Android apps.
Depending on the scope, features, and type of project, the cost of the application varies. To know your quote, kindly contact us.
We developed the above model you saw; we already have a ready-made solution that is a beneficial and affordable product for startups. To know more about the product, talk to our team.
We have many payment options available for easy check-out for your customers—cash on delivery, credit card, debit card, and other third-party apps based on client request.
There are no hidden charges or fees for your app because we believe in complete transparency.
Depending upon the requirement of clients, we plan and develop the product. But we assure you, the product will get over by the guaranteed time. To know the delivery time of your project, kindly contact us.
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