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First thing when you own a website, there are many things need to be taken care of, starting from the domain name, web hosting, design, etc. All you have to plan perfectly to grab the attention of the audience to get more engaged to your site. So, to grab more users attention is better to understand more about your site. First is about your page loading speed, because when your website loads slowly or takes some time to load you will lose customers’ engagement, meanwhile also decrease page views that will create negative feedback about your site. Through usability report, 47% of users expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less, while 40% of them will leave a website that takes too much time to load. This article will provide you all the important steps valuating to maintain your site effectively to run smoothly.


What you get from this article?

  • 1. How to run your Woo-commerce Site effectively.
  • 2. What are the things to be considered?

Optimize Your Site Effectively

When it comes to online stores the file size of the page matters which means the file size of any pages that include HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and images, provides pages loading speed. So, when the file size of any particular page is large will allow users waiting around for elements like images and files to load completely before they could make a purchase.

There some tools like Pingdom and GTmetrix that will allow you to test the size and loading speed of your site. These tools render an accurate result of what is possibly slowing down your site. After testing is completed you get the performance grade out of 100, along with the load time, page size, and a number of server requests about particular files on your site that are loading slowly.

One more method called waterfall analysis is highly useful as it delivers a file-by-file breakdown of server requests and the load time of every page including files, images, and third-party services like social media and CDNs.

Prefer To Go For Quality Hosting

Track the resources of your store consumes every month so that you will know when it’s the right time to upgrade your hosting plan or migrate to a new host. You can try by logging into cPanel while accessing your site’s resource usage data, check for bandwidth usage and available disk space. With a quality upgraded hosting plan, you can get more space along with fast loading to your store.

Image Optimization

The most common mistake store owners do is using unoptimized images that seriously impact the performance of the store. Big image files slow down the UX of an online store. This even allows the search engines to downrank your store in SERP. To overcome this issue, try for good image compression plugins like, EWWW Image Optimizer or Hammy. While these plugins will help you to optimize images on Word Press without compromising the quality of the images and also increasing the site loading speed.

Use Fast Cache Plugin

Using fast Cache Plugin helps you to speed up the Woo Commerce site by capturing a duplicate of the resources from the store. Then this helps users to experience fast loading of the pages. Because the Woo Commerce doesn’t waste time by receiving the resources from CSS, JS and other files. Alternatively, it renders the caches version directly to the users. As a result of which static pages provide almost the instantaneously same way, the dynamic pages use a minimum period of time to display the content to the users.

WordPress is offering the best selection of cache plugin such as Breeze, W3 Total Cache Word Press plugin, WP Rocket, WP Super Cache, Swift cache plugin, etc.

Use Of Quality Content Delivery Network (CDN)

CDN has reduced the internet issues of geographical distance between the users and servers. So when you have more users from different countries, it’s worth investing in a good CDN.

CDN works by capturing a duplicate static content of your site from servers located around the world. As soon as users visit your store, the browser download duplicate of your site from the server while increasing the speed of the waiting time.

CDNs like Cloudflare have free plans, and even selections like Amazon CloudFront, KeyCDN, and StackPath, are worth looking to help you get started.

It’s important to understand where your users are mainly from, and your bandwidth requirements, before signing up for a CDN. While this can help you with selecting for good CDN that serves best to your users.

Disabling Ajax Cart Fragments

AJAX cart fragments, feature in wooCommerce is automatically updated without having to refresh the page. This feature is useful as it renders instant results to the users that their items are added to the cart. Meanwhile, this feature impact on page loading speed and also captures more server resources.

It is also suggested that when you use this plugin, make sure either you disable a particular page orelse you can enable the “redirect to cart” option in WooCommerce’s settings. Because when users place an order to their cart, they will be automatically redirected to the cart page. Or else, users get confused about why their selected product is not added to the cart.

Optimizing Your Store’s Database

Through regular maintenance and cleaning up, your database creates more space for your store and also increases the loading speed of your site to run smoothly. Plugin like WP Rocket help in optimizing your database to load blaze fast.

Rapid WordPress Hosting Service

It’s quite known that a fast and reliable WordPress hosting service will increase your site loading speed. Basically, a WooCommerce store needs a hosting service that can make maximum uptime without any disturbances. So, the rapid online store will not only make your users happy but also encourages more sales to grow your store seamlessly.

Final Thoughts

So by following the tips mentioned in the above article, you will have a better understanding of how to run your Woo-commerce Site more effectively and by grabbing users’ attention to your site.

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