WordPress vs HTML. Which is Best?

Probably you are planning to build a website for your company but not sure to use which platform.

Some of your friends or relatives might have said you about the amazing WordPress platform which can be used to build beautiful websites. Some others might have suggested you go to HTML website because WordPress would make the site load slower or your site would crash when the WordPress CMS is updated. After hearing these mixed opinions, you might be having a hard time to choose the best type of website for you.

WordPress vs HTML, which is the best? This is a debate in the web development industry for quite a long time.
When we say website using HTML, it means that hand coding the website without using a CMS platform. HTML website may use CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL.

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. Both have its own pros and cons and actually, it is your requirements that decide which one is better. Professional developers and web design companies in Chennai use both techniques to build websites. This would vary from website to website based on its nature.

Requirements of the Website
The first thing you have to do is make a list of your website’s requirement brainstorm an idea about the website.
• How many pages do you need for your website?
• What are all the features or functionalities you need for your website?
• Whether you need a static or dynamic website?
• Do you want to let the visitors create an account on the website?
• Do you need to update the websites frequently?
• Do you want a unique UI specifically designed for you?

These are a few questions to help you determine the requirements of your website. You need to answer all these questions before choosing between regular HTML website and WordPress website. You would get a quick idea of the pros and cons of WordPress and hand coding HTML in the table 1.1.


Pros and Cons of WordPress and Hand Coding HTML




Number of Pages

Use WordPress if number of pages is more than 10.

Better for pages with up to 10. Ideally 6 pages. 


Easy to build and manage dynamic functionalities

Better for websites with less dynamic functionalities

Static vs Dynamic

Better for dynamic websites

Better for static websites

Frequency of Updating Content

Frequently updated websites

Websites that are not updated for years

Unique UI

UI designing is limited

Design the way you want


Number of Pages
If you think you will need more than 10 pages for your website, it is recommended to avoid fully hand-coded website. This would make the development process a lot difficult and you would have to pay a fixed amount to the web design company for each additional page above a certain limit. For most companies, this limit is 5-8 pages. Moreover, developers don’t like to hand code website with lots of pages and they prefer using CMS platforms like WordPress if the website has so many pages.
Additionally, the difficulty of managing a hand-coded website increase as the number of pages increase.
Conclusion: if the number of pages is less than 10, you can use hand coding; else go for WordPress.


If you want to incorporate lots of dynamic features like blog, forum, visitors voting, rating system, listing, search and find and user accounts etc., the best bet would be WordPress. Incorporating these kinds of features would be difficult and time-consuming while handing coding website.
CMSs like WordPress make it easier for the developers and to integrate all these features easily to the website. This reduces the development time and expense.
Conclusion: If you don’t have interactive functionalities on the website, go to regular HTML website, else WordPress.


Dynamic or Static Website
This factor is more or less same with the functionalities. It is the interactive functionalities of the website which make a website dynamic. Static websites or websites with minimal dynamic features are better to be hand-coded even it contains PHP or MySQL. This gives more control over the design of the layout.
As we said earlier, it is better to use WordPress if the websites have lots of interactive functionalities.
Conclusion: It is better to hand code static websites and dynamic websites with minimal elements because it gives more control over the design.


Account Creation
If your website has the facility for visitors to create an account on the website to access more information or facilities, it is better to use WordPress. This is a dynamic website and it will be difficult to manage without a dashboard like WordPress CMS.
Conclusion: WordPress is better for websites that allow users to create accounts.

Frequency of Updating the Content
Websites like news portals, blogs, and other latest information-oriented websites need to update content regularly. Suppose if you are a recruitment agency, you would have to update the website with latest openings. Having a CMS would make the process easier. If such websites are hand coded and don’t have a CMS, it would be a cumbersome task to update the content.
On the other hand, if the website doesn’t have to be updated regularly, there is no need for CMS. Company websites that are not updated for a couple of years don’t need to use WordPress. Hand coding would help the developers to design the website the way they want.
Conclusion: Use WordPress for the frequently updated website and hand code if the website doesn’t have to be updated quite often.


Unique UI
If you have designed a UI for your website based on your requirements, it would be difficult to get the same UI using WordPress. Developers would have to hand code the front end of the website completely to achieve the exact UI.
Content management systems (CMS) like WordPress are built aiming the UI of the website. As the name suggests, the function of a CMS is to make the content management easier. Although there are themes with beautiful UI, they may not be the one you want. You would need a unique UI for your company based on the nature and functions of the website. Then it is important to hand code the website without using WordPress themes.
Another point to be noted here is that WordPress CMS can be integrated with websites that are custom built. If you want both a custom UI and CMS system, it is possible. However, this would take lots of efforts and cost you a huge amount.
Conclusion: You would have to hand code the website if you want to achieve a particular design or UI.


Final Words
You have seen that it is the requirements and nature of the website that determine whether we need to use HTML or WordPress to build a website. HTML vs WordPress; they are not perfect alternatives for each other.

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