What to put on the homepage of your website

As the saying goes ” first impression is the best impression “,  it is essential for a homepage to be impressive. Customers prefer to be associated with businesses that prove to be meticulously planned and have the ability to execute their ideas. What to put on the homepage of a website? is the first thing that strikes when planning content for a website.  When you are hiring a web designing company ask them to implement these elements so that your website’s homepage is attractive and informative which is the key for any successful website. Let us check out the integral elements that are necessary for a website to become successful.

Here are the cool things to put on a website

Be precise to the point

Customers, on opening the home page, tend to look for details about the business. It is, therefore, essential to be precise on what exactly the business is about, the services offered, value additions, etc. Having a value proposition included is an important element that should be there on the homepage. The value proposition must be brief and to the point. No one has the time to linger on the homepage looking to find one. Therefore, make sure to have it on the homepage and it is easily graspable.


Social Media

Social Media is the biggest way to get in more customers. Netizens are literally living their lives on the internet, which makes social media the best way to attract clients. Therefore, it is important to have the social media icons such as the Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ right on the homepage. A strong presence in the social media will ensure that more people know about the business and that will certainly translate into clients. Social media icons should be placed where it is easily visible. In short, a visitor should be able to locate it on a single glance.


Easy Navigation

A website may contain a lot of information about the business. With the possibility of too many information stuffed on the webpage, customers may get confused. That makes it necessary to make the homepage navigation friendly. When customers are able to find the info they need easily, it will definitely translate into a business. Make sure to bring the most-often visited pages on to the forefront. In other words, let it be navigable easily! This is sure to bring in more traffic to the website.


Contact Information

Contact Information or customer support is very essential for a website for two important reasons. The contact information will give credibility to the business and customer support will ensure that the clients can get in touch at any time confidently to have their issues with the business resolved. Other options such as Chat will also help gain more customers if it is not feasible to have a 24X7 voice-based customer support. But having customer support and contact information does help businesses in a big way!


Highlight the blogs

Did you know that blogs will bring in more clients? Yes, blogs are the heart of any business as it is loaded with content about what you do. Highlighting the blogs at a prominent place on the homepage will bring in more customers. It is important not to have the customers merely view the blog but also have them subscribe to it. This is one essential way to attract traffic to the website. A subscription box with live feed will surely do the trick!


Testimonials from clients

People trust people! It is as simple as that. Did you know that a research has proved that 79 percent of the clients believe in testimonials? So, consider including client testimonials on the home page. Give it a place that is prominent and easily accessible. Put in all the positive reviews from your customers on the homepage! Real life experiences are what people want to hear; therefore, capitalise on it to the max!



Include a video about your business on the website homepage content. This will turn prospective clients into real customers. The video should ideally outline about the business and probably show your office, team and a sample of the work they do. Make sure the video has a less run-time. The ideal time frame can be about three minutes. This is suggested so that the client doesn’t lose interest viewing the video.



Images attract clients. Make sure to use high-resolution images. Also, it is advisable to use original images. Using stock images are fine but customers might question the credibility of your business when you can’t use your own images for the business. Therefore, original images with good quality are the key for a successful homepage. Images have always proved to be beneficial for the development of businesses.


Services and Features

Outlining the services and features of the business in question is the right thing to do. Prospective customers will get a clear idea about what is on offer and whether it matches their expectations. Make it a point to be precise and short! Your page ranking has a good chance of going high up for the services listed.


Certifications, Awards and Associations

Just like the testimonials, awards, certifications and associations also help in gaining more customers. Getting an award or certification is not a mean achievement. Having worked hard for it, why not display it on the homepage? Yes, make a place to have your awards and certifications displayed on the homepage. Clients want proof of your credibility and there can be nothing better than having your certifications, awards and associations displayed.

These are what a website should have. Being a leading web design company in Chennai we never miss out these essential elements in the websites that we design. Every business is different and so is every homepage. But the basic elements that must be on the homepage will remain the same. 

The goal of a homepage is help potential customers turn into real customers. Create a homepage with some compelling content so that the customers would want to get a deeper knowledge about the company and what exactly they do is the key for the business to grow. To put it simply, make the homepage engaging. Customers visit the homepage with the intention of doing a business with you. Make life easier for them with some good content detailing everything about the business and at the same time make it short!

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