Web elements to be on Your Business Website

Building a website is easy but building a successful website that helps companies to achieve business goals easily and contributes to the growth of the company requires lots of thought and effort.

You have to invest lots of time and energy to find out the important web elements to be on your business website and the best way to arrange them. You have to think about what message you want to convey to your message, what impression you want to make and what actions to make on your website.

The difficult part is to finalize the important web elements to be included in a business website and find out ways to implement or layout them on a website. Fortunately, web designers already found out the important elements which can be included in most websites through trial and error method and other forms experiments. 

It should be noted that the importance of each element would vary from company to company because each industry is different and each market is different. However, there are some general principles that would work for most websites. These principles are based on proven techniques and following them would definitely help your business.


Value Proposition

The benefits of using your products or service should be clearly mentioned on your website. This kind of statement is called value proposition and it should be concise and interesting to the visitors.

You get only a few seconds to impress the visitors and therefore it is better to position the value proposition statement on the top of your homepage. You can place it in the hero section along with powerful image or illustration.

It should convince the visitors that you have the right solutions for them or create interest in them to scroll down and continue on your website.



This is an expansion of your value proposition. You have to explain how you can solve their particular issues or how it is going to make their life easier. Remember, the visitors are only concerned about how your product or service would help them. Therefore, you need to emphasize what benefit they would get if they use your products.  

Basically, you give them reasons to use your products. I would recommend you to include this before you talk about the features and characteristics of your products in detail.



Features section gives more information about the products or services and helps them to understand the product or service better. You can include technical details and descriptions here to help your visitors determine if the products or services are really useful for them.

The feature section should be easy to read and understand. If you have several similar products or services, you can provide their features in a table. This helps the visitors to find out what is best for them.

You can’t include false statements here. You need to have good products or offer great service to the success of your business. Your products have to be unique and helpful to the people. Then, you can list them out on your website in a convincing way. Features section should reinforce that your products are the best options available to them.


Social Proof

Your visitors may be suspicious of your claims you make on your website. You can support your claims with words from other people. You can include testimonials from your satisfied and reputed customers. This would give you more credibility.

You can ask some of your satisfied customers to give you a testimonial to be included on your website. While adding their words on your website, you should also include their name, photo, and their designation if possible.

Positive reviews or words about your service or products or services on any popular blogs or publications can also be included as a social proof.

The statistics about your company like the number of sales, the number of successful projects or something like that also gives you credibility. 


Success Indicators

The accomplishments your business has achieved so far are great indicators of your success. You should highlight your achievements on your website because placing them on your website can create a great first impression.

The awards or recognitions you have won and list of big or well-known brands you have worked with should be mentioned. It helps you to win the trust of your visitors.


Call to Action

You need to persuade visitors to take the desired action. You need to place a call to action prominently on the website to encourage them to make certain actions.  Visitors are not going to do what you want unless they are invited. You have to call them to do the thing you want, it might be to signup for a service, or download an ebook or other useful contents by providing their email id or buy certain products or service.


Additional Call to Action

Chances are most of your visitors may not be interested in your primary call to action. You can think about multiple call-to-actions offering different things. This way you can increase the conversion rate of your website.

You should ensure that additional call-to-actions are not as prominent as the primary call-to-action.


Useful and Relevant Content

Content is important for two reasons. It can help you build loyal customers and improve your website’s ranking o search engines.

Visitors may not use your product or service in their first visit itself. They would visit multiple times before they buy your product or use your service. The initial visits are done during their research stage. At this point, they have a problem and they need a solution for that. They might be learning better about their problems and searching for the best products or service to solve it.

You can help them during this stage by content marketing. You can help them useful and relevant information. This makes them loyal to you.

You can create e-books, videos, infographics, and articles etc. You can put a link to these content in your call to actions. You can also create a resource page like a blog on your website.

This also helps you to increase traffic to your website and get backlinks which would make you more popular on the web.



The purpose navigation is to help visitors navigate through your website and find the necessary information. Most of the websites give importance to only the main navigation. Apart from that, you can also have site-wide navigation. You can place links to different parts of your website to lead them to certain pages. These links should have high visibility and attract the eyes immediately. Along with the link, you can also place a short description or call to action.
Another effective technique to improve the navigational experience of the website visitor is adding a breadcrumb navigation menu. This helps visitors to understand where they are on the website with respect to other pages on the website.  


Contact Form

A contact form or contact details are important on your website to make sure your visitors can contact you if they want. Contacts form helps the visitors to easily make a query without phone or email. You should place them prominently on your website so visitors can find them easily.


SEO Elements

You have to think about the SEO while structuring your website. SEO is an important factor in the success of any website and it should be done properly. Rarely, you will have to make some compromises with the quality of the website.

For example, a website without text would be very difficult to rank on search engines unless it has a great portfolio of backlinks. That may not be the case of most business websites out there and therefore; you can’t decide that your website doesn’t need much text.

It doesn’t mean you can compromise anything for the sake of SEO. That would actually backfire.



The right elements of a website and right structuring of them vary from company to company. The points we have discussed here are proven techniques and implementing on your website would make it a successful website.

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