Omnipay Integration with Laravel 5

Omnipay is a common payment gateway package which supports a variety of payment gateways. Here is the step by step guide on integrating this package with Laravel 5.

1. Include the laravel-omnipay package as a dependency in your composer.json

"ignited/laravel-omnipay": "2.*",

2. Include the required payment gateway. Here we use Paypal. For other gateway packages click here

"omnipay/paypal": "*",

3. Add a ServiceProvider to your providers array in config/app.php:

'providers' => [

4. Add the Omnipay facade to your facades array:

'Omnipay' => Ignited\LaravelOmnipay\Facades\OmnipayFacade::class,

5. Finally, publish the configuration files by using the command php artisan vendor:publish. Once finished edit the configuration file located @ config/laravel-omnipay.php

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