What Is Flat Web Design And Why Should You Care?

Flat design is a buzz word in the web design industry today. In web design industry, the popularity of modern and minimalistic design increased the reputation of flat design. Flat […] Read More

WordPress vs HTML. Which is Best?

Probably you are planning to build a website for your company but not sure to use which platform. Some of your friends or relatives might have said you about the […] Read More

Omnipay Integration with Laravel 5

Omnipay is a common payment gateway package which supports a variety of payment gateways. Here is the step by step guide on integrating this package with Laravel 5. 1. Include […] Read More

Create Shortcode for WordPress Page Title

We come across situations in which we need to show current WordPress page title or include WordPress page / post title in the content. A shortcode can be put to […] Read More

What to put on the homepage of your website

As the saying goes ” first impression is the best impression “,  it is essential for a homepage to be impressive. Customers prefer to be associated with businesses that prove […] Read More
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