Ways to Make Your Website Standout

Most of the companies today look at the websites of their competitors and follow what they do exactly. It is a really bad practice when it comes to branding and marketing. You have to project your company as something different from the rest of your competitors.

One of the easiest ways to be different is to have a different website. Your website is part of your brand identity and it can improve your website if you use it well. Therefore, it becomes important for companies to make their website stand out from the rest to win the hearts of visitors and boost their business.

The problem is you are not sure how to make your website unique. We got some ideas to make your website stand out and this may help you to build your dream website.


The First Step

You need to conduct a research on the websites of your competitors and find out the similarities in those websites. See the patterns in those websites and think about ways on how to make a website in a different style.


Unique Design

I know that every one of you would agree with me on this. A unique design is a primary factor that makes a website standout but the problem is how to achieve it. There are many things you have to do and should not do to make the design of your website unique.

The design of your website creates the first impression of your company. If your website is just like every other website out there, there is no way you can grab the attention of people.

Imagine you are searching for websites that sell shoes and you visited several websites. Accidently you have opened a website and you find it totally different from another website you have visited so far. This website has a unique UI, distinct style, and color scheme. How would you feel? You would definitely think that this company is different and you may think about purchasing the shoe from them.

A website that standouts from other websites impress the visitors and it gives an additional advantage to the company.


Creative UI

A creative and talented UI designer is vital to creating a unique user-interface. If you choose to hire a web design agency to build your website, they will also design the UI of your website. Therefore you have to consider the portfolio or previous works of the agency while you choose an agency. You can check how creative their designs are.

You can also think about hiring a talented and creative UI designer to design a unique UI that matches your business and then ask an agency to develop the design.


Never Use a Free Template

Never think about a free theme or template if you need a unique website. All the themes and templates out there in the market are designed to considering the general requirements. You can never find a completely unique theme or template.

Moreover, the same template or theme may be used by many of your competitors and if you use it, your website won’t be much different.

This is true even if you use premium themes or templates. It may be better than the free themes but still, they are not completely unique.


Custom Development

Your website needs to be hand coded in order to achieve a unique design. Installing a theme and customizing it on the dashboard doesn’t do any good to make your website stand out. You will have to design special template files even if you choose to build your website using CMS.

The custom development gives the freedom to achieve any kind of design. If you choose to do custom development, UI designers can go to any extent to make give an outstanding and distinctive design for your website.


Incorporate Brand Elements

The design of a website should reflect the brand identity of the company. A great company would have a distinct brand identity that makes it stand out from their competitors. Your company also should have a brand identity that makes you stand out from the rest of the companies in your niche.

If you don’t have one already, you should start building it now.

The next step is to incorporate these brand identity into your website. The values of a company are an integral part of its brand identity and you can incorporate it in

For example, the Apple Inc. believes in simplicity and you can see that on their products. They also incorporated this value into their website. Their website www.apple.com has a very simple and clean design.

You can also think about incorporating your company’s core values into your website to make your website unique and stand out.


Depart from the Conventions

If you follow the dominant trend or what others doing, you will end up with a website like their websites. If you want to stand out you have to break the conventions and

Recently, many websites began to use bright and strong colors. It was considered a bad practice a few until a few months back. However, a few companies made a bold attempt and used strong colors on their website. This is a departure from the conventions. You can see Spidergems also use bright and strong blue color as dominant on this website. It helps to make the company stand out from the rest.

When other companies also do the same, it becomes a convention and then you would have to think about other ways to be different.


Follow the Opposite Trend

As I mentioned earlier, you shouldn’t follow the dominant trend if you want to be different. In web designing, always there would be an opposite trend to the dominant trend and you can follow them to make your website stand out.

When most of the companies began to fill their website with text, graphics, and so many pages and made the design complex, some designers thought about minimalistic design. There are many big brands using a simple design and black and white color scheme on their website while their less successful competitors have a complex or colorful website.

Deviating from the design style or trend your competitors follow is another great way to make your website stand out.



Illustrations in a website are much more powerful than images. Illustrations can speak the exact message you want to convey. You can hire an artist to create illustrations for your website and use them instead of images. It can really make your website stand out.

You can also think about creating an illustration of a character to represent your brand. You can use this character on your website as well other promotional materials.


Get more Visibility on SERPs.

You should also think about how to make your website stand out on Google to get. Features like rich snippets and answer box on Google SERPs give more visibility to certain websites than other websites there. Sometimes, this may help to get more visibility for a website in 3rd position than the website in 1st position.

These are a few ideas to make your website stand out and separate your company from your competitors. The key to making a website standout is making it unique with a creative UI and a distinct style.

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