How Important Are Images in Your Website Design

The image is one of the most important elements in webpage composition. There are different types of images like photograph, illustration, icons, and symbols. We can use them to make the web pages beautiful as well as to help visitors understand the page quickly.

However, most of the new designers don’t know the importance of images in web design. Images have different functions in a design. This article would help you to understand how important are images in your website design. Knowing this will help you to make better use of images on the websites you create. You should remember that you need to use professional photos for your website to maintain the quality of your website.


Achieve Instant Communication

Visitors can take a look at the images and they get everything we want them to understand. Images are descriptive and it communicates ideas instantly.

The illustrations and info-graphics are images that can be used effectively to convey certain ideas. Illustrations can efficiently transfer abstract ideas to the people. It can tell powerful stories in the web pages.

Info-graphics can illustrate complex data or comprehensive information very simply. This makes it easier for the visitors to understand things very fast. We know that our website visitors are very and they are scanning for information. Therefore, we should deliver the information in a way to help them understand it very fast easily.


Visual Learning

Most of the people in the world are visual learners. They can’t understand concepts and ideas better through words and they require visuals to understand things better.

We can use graphic images like info-graphics and illustrations to help the visitors to understand things easier. This reduces bounce rate and increases living time.


Visual Representation is more Effective

It is always better to show rather than telling. Using a beautiful photo of your products or a graphic showing how something work is far more effective than describing it in the words. Literally, every company in the world selling products uses the images of the products on their website. This is to attract the attention of visitors to the product and persuade them to buy.

The importance of images on a web page can be best understood from e-commerce websites. There might be multiple images of the same products. This is to give a better idea of the products they sell. Most of the time if not every time, we check the pictures to learn about the products. Then only we go and check the descriptions and other details.


Makes interesting Composition

A text-only web page is less interesting than a website with text and images. It helps to achieve unique and attractive layouts. Using images along with texts make them UI beautiful and powerful. Pattern or texture images can be used as backgrounds to give a depth to the design.

Images can also be used to separate different blocks of texts. This helps the designers to avoid repetition in the design. Adding images to the titles and description in small sections also make the section interesting. We see this kind of usage in services section on the homepage. It makes the sections interesting and attractive.


Conceal Poor Typography

Poor typography becomes evident if there are no images on a web page. When there are only text and no images, designers would find it really difficult to achieve an interesting layout.

On the other hand, images bring harmony in the UI and have more visual dominance than the text. This helps the designers to mask poor typography in the design.


Captivate the Viewers

The best answer to the question why images are important in design is that images can captivate the viewers. Beautiful images of your products can impress the viewers. This impression will help you to create a need in the minds of your website visitors. When people find a product attractive, they are likely to buy it.

Images can also be used to evoke particular emotions in the minds of people. You can use this to your advantage. Most of the businesses use beautiful and descriptive images in the top section or above the fold of the home page. We can effectively tell what does the company, which owns the website, do by using images.

In the top section of a hospital website’s home page, we see an image of the doctor with stethoscope. We also see the photos of tourist destination in the websites of tour operators. When it comes to a website of an educational institution, we see the photos of students. This kind of usage of images helps the website to reinforce what the company does.

This makes the website interesting for the visitors and prompts them to scroll down the page and continue on the website.


SEO Benefits

We have limitations to use keywords in our article. However, adding images with keywords in the title and alt text gives more value to the web page. Using it well will help you to get better ranking in the search engine results.

Moreover, some kinds of results like products or recipe show images in the SERPs. Most of the searchers would click the result with images rather than search results without images. This is very efficient website image strategy to improve CTR of the website.


Thumbnail along with the Preview of the Posts

When we use images in a post, one image is automatically added as a thumbnail along with the preview of the post when someone shares a link of a web page or a post on your website in social media. Having an image on the preview makes it more interesting and it would increase the click-through rates from social media.

When there is no image on a web page or post, there won’t be a thumbnail along with the title and link in the social media. This reduces visibility and it may not be that much interesting to the people.


Icons Images are Powerful to Convey Ideas

The various kinds of icons we use on websites are very efficient to attract the attention of visitors. Adding icons of social media websites as a link to the social media accounts of a company is far more interesting than a text link.

Similarly, icons can also be used along with menus, titles, sub-titles and list items. This helps the visitors to understand what each text is. It also creates a visual harmony.



Although an image is a powerful tool to make the website attractive and successful, improper usage of images on your website can cause adverse effects. Images are heavy and it would impact the page speed of the web page. You should compress and optimize the images for the web before using them.

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April 15, 2019

Let s think about this in the context of web design. About us sections are a common feature of many websites. They commonly act as a way for users learn more about an organisation, it’s staff and it’s values. Using photographs of actual staff members can help provide genuine insight into a company, and can even build greater trust in the organisation. In fact, user testing has shown that people are more likely to buy from websites that use genuine staff in their photographs as opposed to stock imagery. An online shop is another good example where stock imagery often fails. Is a user more likely to buy a well-photographed product with several different detail views, or a badly photographed item with tiny images which are poorly lit and badly cropped? Perhaps if the user knows what they re looking for it won t always matter. However, with high quality consistent imagery, your shop and products are going to feel more professional and if your customer service matches, hopefully users will continue to come back and shop.

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