Website Design for Non-Profit Organization

A professional website is the best way for a non-profit organization to inform interested people of their mission, vision, activities, and results. It is important to have a quality website to create a good impression and attract patrons. Unprofessional websites may create a bad impression about the management and hence visitors may hesitate to fund your cause.

Mediocre websites also create the impression of the fraud activities and therefore it is important to design the website professionally. We offer website design for non-profit organizations to help them communicate their cause and generate fund.

We build professional websites for not for profit organization associated with healthcare, animal welfare, environment protection, human rights and dealing with global concerns.

We design websites for not for profit organizations to prompt the visitors to sympathize with your organization and become a supporter.


Convert the Visitors into Supporters

You need a website that looks genuine and authentic to convert your visitors into supporters. People are would be suspicious of your website if they are not heard of you before. We make your website look genuine with right design and copy.

We understand your audience and design the website based on that. We design a website that would give an engaging experience to the visitors. We deliver the right content to your visitors to appeal them.

We use persuasive content and design to encourage the visitors to support you and donate to your noble cause.


Compelling Website Copy

We write powerful copy for your website to move your visitors to make positive actions. We also make sure the copy doesn’t sound spammy.

Having powerful content on your website can really make a huge change. We have creative copywriters in our team to write appealing copy for your website. A powerful copy supplemented by statistics and illustrations are powerful to move any kind of visitors. We give special importance to empathize your website visitors with your organization. Empathized visitors spread the news about you and provide referrals.


Share Stories to Engage Visitors

We tell stories through the webpages about what you do and what you have achieved. We help you to let the world know the amazing works you have did and how you have made this world a better place.

We add drama and emotion to the story to make it powerful and move the visitors emotionally. Our artists create illustrations to make the story even more powerful.


Appealing Call to Actions

Calls to action are not only for companies; it is also important to not for profit organizations. We strategically position appealing call to action on your website to encourage the visitors to be part of your cause and make donations to your not for profit organization.


Landing Pages for Special Campaigns

We can also design landing pages for your new fund-raising campaigns. We optimize the landing pages to persuade the visitors to make donations and be part of your noble cause.

Landing pages help you accumulate the fund for your particular missions. You can bring interested people willing to make donations to the landing pages through social media campaigns.


Payment Gateway Integration

We use the most secure techniques to integrate payment gateways to the website. We can add all major credit and debit card companies like Visa, Master Card, Maestro, Rupay and American Express, internet banking by banks, as well as PayPal.

We include all popular payment options to make it easier for your website visitors donating to your organization easily.

We use secure platforms for every website and ensure the safety of the website. We check for security loopholes and patch everything to prevent any cyber-attacks from hackers.


Optimized for Small Screens

We help others to easily access your website from any device. You can give share your website address at public meetings or gatherings and ask them to visit your organization’s website. Responsive design makes it convenient for them easily use the website.

Moreover, people may open your website from their mobile immediately when they hear about your organization anywhere. At this time also, you provide your website visitors a great experience on your website.


Minimalistic Design

Less is more is our motto for not for profit organizations. When it comes to their website, it is better to go for a clean and modern design. The design of the website can play a huge role in creating the image of your organization. We design clean and sleek websites to not distract the users by elaborate design. We keep it simple and make it to the point.

We believe in the power of content to persuade people and we use them effectively to increase support for your organization. Through your website, we communicate your goals and efforts to make this world a better place to live.


CMS Websites

We can build you a website with CMS which would help you manage the content of your website. You can edit any type of content on your website and update blogs using easy to use dashboard. We make it easier for you to keep your website fresh always and offer something new to your website’s repeating visitors.

You can upload new images to the website and add reports to the blog section. The easy to use back-end interface of the CMS can help you modify the website without any help from a web developer.

You can also create multiple accounts in the dashboard and give access to your fellow members. They can also add or modify the content on the website.


Non-profit Website Templates

We can also build you a website quickly using pre-built templates especially designers for non-profit organizations.

Since non-profit organization can’t spend the resources to make a fully customized website and doesn’t need a feature-rich website, it is better to use templates for non-profit organizations. This makes it easier to get a website online for an affordable price.

We can build amazing websites for any kind of non-profit organization. We have the fastest turnaround time among the web design companies in Chennai and we can complete your projects in short time. We also provide instant help when the website is down or damaged.

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