Why Google Reviews are Important for any Business?


Why Google Reviews?

We all universally know that Google is the top-notch search engine in the planet. No matter what business you are in, the significance of Google reviews can’t be understated.

It is reported that around 63,000 searches are made every second in Google. Google Reviews a feature offered along with GMB by Google has earned the trust of Google users and it is one of the largest and most relied review platforms.

According to Bright Local’s Consumer Review Survey, getting search traffic from Google reviews is more important for any business.

The survey showed that 85% of users trust online feedback more than personal recommendation. This is the reason why users trust the internet to answer and question about their purchasing needs.

What you get from this article?

  • 1. Why you should start working on Google Reviews
  • 2. How reviews impact your online business
  • 3. Reasons why you should consider Google Reviews more seriously.

Creating Trust among Users

The most important thing in Digital Marketing is creating trust among users which is crucial for any successful online business. Because of these reasons, many businesses are investing in online reputation management services. Google reviews are popular, and users read them before deciding to purchase something. Here are some statistics to know.

1.Over 90% of buyers read online reviews, while 80% of them trust those reviews

2.More than 70% of the survey says that a positive review has increased the trust of a business brand

As Google My Business has provision to add any business’ name, product and services, there is a great chance that your business would appear in local search results when user searches for your product/service and having a positive Google review increases the conversion of such local users.

Improved search engine visibility & CTR

Google tracks the activity of ratings and those businesses with high number of ratings are recognized.  While positive reviews can drag businesses to the Google’s Local Pack, which can result in getting your business in the top of  local search results based on the location. Additionally, displaying higher star ratings in search engine results create reputation for a business. Users generally prefer businesses with high ratings over those with no or poor ratings. It is proven that the CTR increases when the ratings are shown in SERPs. This can be achieved by implementing proper schema markup.

Google Reviews and feedback loops

Google Reviews create positive feedback loops and renders things like: What kind of services and products users get, pros and cons of a business, and whether they satisfy customers’ expectations.

Reviews will help in Search Engine Rankings

Online reputation management and search engine optimization are substantially different, but they create a good impact when put together. Statistics prove that online reviews can increase a website’s  search engine ranking, while Google considers the quantity and quality of reviews when giving those rankings. However, it is important to get high-quality online reviews.

Great ROI for a business

As we all know that Google reviews create customers’ trust, increase click-through rates, improved organic traffic, and conversion rates. All these are part of SEO and when they are used in the right way, Google reviews can bring in a great ROI for a business. It will take some time, but it’s worth waiting for a while.

Google reviews from other platforms

While generating search engine rankings, Google also considers reviews from other platforms. A competitor may run campaigns to  damage your business reputation. The positive reviews from other platforms will protect a business from this kind of issue. Be aware of the platforms that are related to your niche or else the reviews won’t create much effect.

Influencing Potential Customers and No-cost Advertising

Business can get the benefit of no-cost advertising through a solid Google reputation. Every positive review of the business is displayed to a large audience and gathering those Google reviews will help businesses positively influence potential customers’. Google reviews can also improve the ROI of other marketing channels.

Creating Closer Relationships with Customers

Responding to all feedback professionally will create a strong relationship with the customers. This builds the foundation for brand loyalty and a more extensive customer base. Customer relationships are like pillars of a successful business, so it should be built with care.

Final Thoughts

Google review marketing efforts should be an integral part of any business. Generally, people prefer to check online reviews before deciding to purchase something. Focusing on Google reviews would definitely create a tremendous impact on increasing brand visibility, build trust and credibility.

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