Tips on How to Make a Captivating User Experience

The user experience of a website means a lot to any company because that is directly related to the conversion rate of a website. If you understand what contributes to the user experience of a website, it may not be that challenging to improve the UX of any website.

The fundamental principle of the UX design is designing for the user but how do we do that. You need to put yourself in the shoe of your website visitors to find out the ways how can you improve your website. In this article, we will share you some tips on how to make a captivating user experience.

Use Crazy Egg Tool

Crazy Egg will provide you the data required to understand which part of your web page attract most attention or least attention. This tool will create heat map after tracking and analyzing the behavior of your visitors. This will help you to identify the sections on your website where you lose the visitors and where the users focus for a long time.

Use Pre-loaders or Load Spinner

Load spinners are small animations you would see when you open a web page, and the page’s content is being fully loaded. It may take around 3-5 seconds for a typical web page to load completely. Some web pages take more time than that.

It would be quiet annoying for the visitors to see the web page is being loaded and the layout rearranged slowly. This can be avoided using a pre-loader animation. This will keep the visitors entertained while the page is still being loaded in the background.

When the page loading is completed, the animation is stopped, and visitors will see the web page. Many people overlook the pre-loader because they think it doesn’t speed up the page loading and there is no use for it. However, it can really help you to keep the visitors on the page without feeling bored.

Use Skelton Screen for Lazy Loading

When you use a skeleton screen, visitors can see a barebones UI of the website. This will load a skeleton screen or barebones UI of the website first which will clearly show the layout structure of the web page. Then the text is loaded in its place followed by images.

Most of the big websites including Facebook and LinkedIn use this technique. This is a better alternative for pre-loader animation. When you use load spinner, the fully loaded web page displayed unexpectedly. Until then, visitors don’t have any idea of how the web page would look like.

Visitors generally perceive as the website load faster if it used skeleton screen. This is due to the gradual loading of the layout, text, and images.

Improve Readability of the Text

There are many websites placing large text blocks with small font size and long paragraphs. Most of the time such texts are included for the SEO purpose only. However, such text will give a bad impression to the users.

Therefore, you should always try to format the text for better readability. A paragraph should only contain maximum 5 sentences. Anything more than on that on a web page will create a really bad impression.

Use Filters and Sort Options

If you have a long list of photos, products or any other list, you should definitely use filters and sort options to let the users find what they want quickly. If there is no option to filter the items in a huge list, it will like finding a droplet in a sea.

Structure Your Web Pages Logically

There should be a clear hierarchy in the structuring of the web pages. It is better to follow a pyramid structure for large websites. When it comes to small websites with a few pages, it may not be a big issue.

Structuring the web pages logically has several advantages. It helps the users to navigate through websites without losing the track quickly.

Use Breadcrumb Navigation

Breadcrumb navigation is a small horizontal strip of navigation which let visitors knows where they are on the website in relation to other pages. It will also help the users to go up in the website pyramid structure.

Don’t Irritate the Visitors with Pop-ups

Visitors may dislike you when your website a popup requesting to subscribe your newsletter or something similar when they are in a hurry for specific information.

When we think about the conversion perspective, we need to use popup on our websites in order to create a good list of leads. That is ok, but you should never irritate them with big pop-ups. You can place the call to action in web pages if you want but you need to careful while using pop up.

Use AI Chatbot

Several studies have shown that website visitors prefer to contact the company via Chatbots to get more information rather than using email or phone. Therefore, you should use an AI chatbot on your website which will help your visitors to get information fast.

This is also helpful for you in many different ways. Once the visitors are happy in the conversation with a chatbot, they may have a good impression of you. The other benefit is you or your employees don’t have to deal with the basic queries over phone or email.

Provide Clear and Concise Content

Your content on the website should be optimized to help the visitors understand the content very quickly. If it is a product or service page, you should provide all essential details to help the user know everything about the product or service.

The content should be structured and organized well in order help the visitors smoothly go through that and comprehend everything easily.

If a user is interested in a product or service, they want to make sure that is the best option for them. You should provide the necessary information in a clear and concise manner to help the visitor there.

Provide Complete Contact Information

You should always give your full contact details on your website which can be found easily. You can have a contact page with contact details and a contact form. You should also put your basic contact details on each page if possible.

Fix Broken Links

For a website visitor, there is nothing frustrating than opening a link with big hope and find that the web page is not available.

You should check for all broken links on your website and fix them immediately. If the linked page doesn’t exist anymore, you should create a new page or point the link to some other relevant page on the internet.



I hope these tips will help you to make better websites and provide your visitors a great experience. Please let us know in the comments if you have implemented any of the tips on your website.

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