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Every entrepreneur dreams of having a reputed and successful business, where an eCommerce website comes into the picture with all important features to make customers and business owners hassle-free online sales and purchase experiences. The success of any website determines not only the products but also how well the website offer best features for both the customers and website owners.


What you get from this article?

  • 1. The essential features of an e-commerce website .
  • 2. How to run an effective website for the growth of business.

Selecting Domain Name & Logo For Your Business

It is important to choose the relevant domain name before starting your business. Next to add more and to showcase the brand identity, meanwhile, to recognize easily by the users it is essential of creating a unique and adorable logo for your business.

Call-To-Action [CTAs]

It is essential to have a call to action button or link to analyse the most-desired action for a site visitors’. So by setting a CTA option can drive the best possible outcome for visitors to your site.

Website Navigation

Make sure of creating user-friendly navigation, so that visitors’ feel easy while surfing your site without any confusion. Good website navigation is a key role for any successful site. Visitors should feel free to browse among various product categories and rapidly through an intuitive navigation system.

Content Management

The most essential thing for any e-commerce website and in order to rank first in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), ensure to add good and unique content to your site.

Shopping Cart

Shopping carts facilitate the customers to store their products to continue with the checkout process. Shopping Carts bridge the gap between the customers and merchants, so a flexible shopping cart is extremely important to your website.

Payment Gateway Integrations

A good eCommerce website offers by integrating multiple payment gateways, along with easy and safe transactions without limiting your choices to be selected few.

Order Management System

Order management yet another feature to track information about buyer cancellation, refunds, COD order verification, exchange order status, etc. A productive Order management system provides one centralized place for all sales channels to manage orders.

Mobile Compatibility/ Responsive Website

Best eCommerce websites provide solutions for mobile compatibility. So first thing is about testing that the mobile view is responsive and properly fit in with the device. Next is a [WAP] mobile customized template to optimize the website size for less loading time. Using API’s for designing mobile apps is important to make users to browse via phones.

 Safe and Secured Features

Sophisticated security features should be integrated to protect customers’ information and prevent threats from cybercriminals. So it is mandatory to ensure the below privacy policy.

SSL certificate: Ensure secured connectivity between the visitors and the website. Before believing online store, first check for HTTPS and a green lock in the address bar. Also get the approval of the SSL certificate.

Two-factor authentication: Ensuring the safety of username/password and a system-generated code sent via email or text.

Use a firewall: Permitting authorized traffic and blocking malicious traffic.

Privacy policy link in footer: Addressing the website’s privacy policies and promising that customer information is not shared.


A website must be coupled with an analytics tool to generate reports of the store performance to make the betterment of online branding.

Logistics Integration

Integrating logistics services ensures the owner and the consumer get real-time courier updates, status and also tracking the orders in order to create seamless shipping experience between them.


Proper interlinking of your website which allows users to access all the inner pages and allowing users to dwell by spending more time on your website. Additionally accessing all pages decreases the bounce rate and improves the number of page visits per user.

Live Chat Feature

Offering a live-chat option to your users for instant communication to help your users for any stage of difficulty or issues faced. The quality of customer service plays a key role for business growth.

Social Media

Add social media icons at the bottom of your website to make the users of your site know much better about your business via social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and etc. Focusing on proper social media platform can drive more visitors while helping you to connect and serve your customers the best way.

Contact Information

Add contact information at the top right or at the bottom of your website to give the authenticity of your business and also visitors can contact you for further details.

About Us

‘About Us’ the most visited page by users. So make this page more effective by presenting a good story of your brand to your visitors. Just make your ‘About Us’ page more compelling as it gives the best chance to introduce your business to the users.

Page Speed

Ensure your site loads faster. Analyse your website with page speed tools to understand site performance. This drives more audience engagement, retention, and conversions. If the website is slow in loading or doesn’t load properly can create a negative impact while allowing visitors to leave your site.


Generally, visitors will have some questions related to the products or operations of your business. So by adding a FAQ section to your site help users to find the answer to their queries rather than emails or calls.

Share Feature

The best thing you can implement is share features option where your users can share your products and services on social media platforms to get engagement. In today’s digital world, shareable content plays an essential part to get more visitors to your site. So the perfect way to get users to share your content through social media, email and other online channels is by adding sharing options to your site.

Final Thoughts

An e-commerce website should be user-friendly along with all the important features to keep your visitors engaged. So make your business to grow seamlessly by updating new, customized and user-friendly features on your site. Finally, through this article you get some good understanding about integrating some important features to your site to bring more users’ engagement to run a successful business.

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