Mobile Friendly Website | An detailed overview in 2020

Mobile friendly website – Introduction

Let’s begin this article with a statistic of mobile friendly website, “In 2020, the total number of smartphone users worldwide is expected to reach 3.5 billion, which is an increase of 9.3 percent over 2019”. It implies the rise of mobile phone usage among people around the world. People have now started relying on using mobile phones not just for entertainment but also to make important purchasing decisions.

It is no more necessary that Visitors to your company’s website have to use a traditional desktop or laptop computer, rather he/she is more likely to use a tablet or portable smartphone to reach you. At present people spend more time browsing the web on mobile devices than on traditional desktops.

Having a mobile version of your website is one aspect that must be overlooked. Websites that are not optimized for small screens will experience a fall in their search engine rankings, which means that their online presence is invisible to Mobile users. If you have not yet realized how essential it is to have a mobile friendly website, this article helps you to understand the importance of a mobile friendly website.

What you get from this article?

  • 1.  Mobile friendly website and its benefits.
  • 2. Significance of having a mobile responsive website.

What is a mobile responsive website?

mobile responsive website

A Mobile friendly website is a site, developed and designed to display your web content on hand-held devices too without any loss of information and design. A Mobile Optimized Site adjusts to Small Screen Size to render the content on any device or display. Also, mobile friendly websites perform better as they have the advantages as listed below.

  •  Larger, easier to read text
  •  Mobile friendly navigation
  •  Touch-friendly buttons and page elements
  •  Faster download speed

Benefits of having a mobile responsive website

It is a known fact that more users are accessing the web with mobile devices than through traditional laptops or desktops, so this field is constantly evolving. To reach the widest possible audience, every business needs to embrace the benefits of responsive web design. The benefits outlined below will convince you to make your website mobile responsive.

Mobile shopping has taken over the shopping world

Mobile shopping has taken over the shopping world

In the second quarter of 2020, 51.53 percent of global web traffic has been generated from mobile devices (excluding tablets). As for  ebusiness, the need for a mobile optimized website is paramount. People are increasingly dependent on the use of mobile devices to search for and purchase products online. Since online shopping is the best way for people to shop at their convenience, the mobile shopping experience is very important here to complement it.

A mobile friendly website ranks better

According to Google, a website has to be known and visible to visitors as mobile friendly because mobile phones are widely used to browse rather than using personal computers for searches.

Moreover, Google has a certain number of factors in their ranking algorithm, which has streamlined the way Google displays mobile search results. The best way to get a higher rank in search engines is with a mobile friendly website. Google gives more priority on mobile friendly websites than those who missed out on mobile search results.

Makes you modern and relevant

You may offer some of the most effective, valuable, and unique products or services on the market. But, if your websites’ mobile experience is poor or absent, it will greatly affect the growth of your business, especially in today’s environment. Mobile friendly websites are a cutting edge method to grab the visibility of anyone who has a smartphone, and that shows your business is modern and optimized for users.

Makes you competitive

If you think that having a responsive website for mobile devices is not a primary factor to be considered, you are making a mistake. Your competitors may have already made their site mobile friendly. Turning your website into a mobile friendly is essential to stay at the forefront of competition and streamline your business.

Builds credibility

Builds credibility

It helps build trust among your customers, clients, and those who influence your industry. If people fail to find your business website on mobile, it will affect your credibility. The mobile friendly website allows everyone to try to visit your site to get the right experience on a mobile device, and this will encourage them to see you as a reliable source for information for products, and services. When a mobile website fulfills customer requests seamlessly, a certain level of trust and responsibility develops.

Easier analytics reporting

Understanding where traffic is coming from and how users interact with your website is essential for business growth. The single responsive site greatly simplifies the process of tracking users. Many useful Google Analytics tools now complement responsive websites by incorporating – tracking and analytics in a single report. So that you can see how your website content works on different devices.

Better user experience

Better user experience

It is important to provide the same user experience on mobile devices as there is on desktops and tablets. The fact is that if the user can’t easily browse and read the content of your website from a mobile device, they will not care about your business. Excellent Responsive Web Design gives users a much smoother and optimized experience on the device they are holding in their hands.

Less effort

Uploading information to different versions of your site is not required anymore as responsive web design allows you to do this difficult task only once. This saves a lot of time, energy, and money, which otherwise, would have required more time in creating a different website for different devices.

Faster loading speed

Faster loading speed

The loading speed of a site is a significant factor because users may not be interested in being on your website if the site takes more time to load. A normal website that is not mobile optimized will render very slowly on your mobile device, or in the worst situation, it will not load at all. But the mobile friendly website loads quickly because the code is structured to be compatible with mobile devices.While you can also verify your website loading speed with the help of online tools like PageSpeed Insights,GTmetrix, Moz,etc.

Increase your visibility

Increase your visibility

A mobile friendly website gives your visitors a visually appealing, interesting, and simple experience with your company. A responsive website makes online sharing easier, so your web visitors are more likely to share on their social sites. By having a mobile friendly website, you can expand the reach of your audience globally. All the work you put into making your site mobile friendly will pay off in the form of more leads and sales for sure. Keep in mind that more organic search results can lead to more conversions.

Final thoughts

If your customers do not have access to your business on mobile, it means that you are missing out on the opportunity to turn that audience into a customer. Hence, Mobile websites are important if you intend to gain more customers and increase sales. Overall, mobile friendly sites support key factors for your business such as visibility, user experience, brand identity, and more. It’s important to understand and act on the need for creating a Mobile friendly website.

If you are considering a mobile update or redesign for your company’s website, you need to plan in conjunction with a qualified web development company. Keep in mind that by making your site easier to be found and used on mobile devices, you are taking your business to the next level of growth. At spidergems, we create the perfect website that is mobile optimized, high performance, creative and alluring designs that provides your customers with a great shopping experience.

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