How to Get More Reviews on Google: 10 Effective Ways


How to get reviews on Google

When it comes to purchasing or searching online, Google Reviews are regarded as a trust-worthy platform and it is perceived as a personal recommendation by the majority of the users.

It is rated that almost 90% of users read online reviews before they even purchase or buy something. Google Reviews are important for any business to rank better on search engines and it also helps businesses to influence user decisions in several ways.

Think of this article as a blueprint of how to get quickly and easily more Google reviews for your business by following these best practices. The below best practices greatly impact on review marketing conversion rates.

What you get from this article?

  • 1. Learn how to use Google Images to find copyright free images.
  • 2. Other best websites where you can find free images with no copyright.

Get Users Reviews

The simple way to get a Google Review is just directly asking your customers to leave their comments. Because your site requires recent reviews to get more traffic, basically users don’t believe old reviews. There are more ways where you can ask for your satisfied customers to leave their reviews and also make sure that you have a continuous review profile.

Email Follow-up

You can send a follow-up email and request your customers to leave their reviews for the products they have purchased and services offered to them by you. Be polite and have a personal interaction with your customers via email by thanking them for purchasing your products. Additionally when sending an email, just convey them how their feedback is important and also attach a direct link in your email so that your customers can easily leave their comments by clicking on that link.

Add Review Link To Your Website

It is possible to get another way of Google reviews from your customers by creating a review link to your website. So that it would be easy for your users to leave their comments and also make sure that the link is visible enough.

Try To Respond Your Customers’ Feedback

This should be straightforward. So whenever a customer sees that the business owner frequently responds to feedback left on Google, they will be more willing to share their feedback as they know that someone is responding or reading it.

Get Help From The Third-party Tools

Suppose you have different locations across the country for your business. In such cases, it would be difficult to manage reviews, and also it’s time-consuming. And this is the time, where you can use third-party tools for accelerating this process.

Link QR Codes To Review Pages

Mobile devices are ever-present among shoppers today. This means all customers can able to scan a QR code and also able to visit the site. When Printing a QR code on promotional material, receipts or any other location as soon as customers see is a great way to link directly to a review page. This effectively encourages users to leave feedback as they scan the code.



If you don’t know how to filter the free images in Google Search, please follow the instructions below.

Google My Business Listing

Just have a Google my business listing page and verify it. While this makes possible for users to review your business online. Creating a Google My Business page is a simple process and you will get all reviews through the dashboard. It is productive in managing and increasing reviews on Google.



If you don’t know how to filter the free images in Google Search, please follow the instructions below.


It is better to automate the process by collecting your customer’s contact details than asking or remain them to write feedback which is a quite long process. When you automate the entire process, you will be able to increase more reviews and monitor them easily. You can automate your process by hiring a digital marketing agency or on your own.



If you don’t know how to filter the free images in Google Search, please follow the instructions below.

Collaborate With Your Partners

Well, you can try for other methods instead of getting all reviews from your users, ask your partners to write reviews about your business as they know you personally, and simultaneously you can write for them.

If you don’t know how to filter the free images in Google Search, please follow the instructions below.


Incentives will works when you try them for reviews. Offer some coupons or discounts in the exchange of a review, sure you will get surprise in return. Because these reviews are likely to be positive and even the conversation rate will be higher.



If you don’t know how to filter the free images in Google Search, please follow the instructions below.


The more positive reviews you create for your business, the more loyalty you can build. This plays greatly to compete with other online retailers who use customer ratings and reviews extensively. So Google reviews can make huge impact on reaching more audience to your business.

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