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Food delivery app development -Introduction

If you thought that the food delivery system was something new that never existed before then you would find it hard to believe when you read what we are about to say:- The first food order and delivery system dates back to the World War-II era when women volunteers delivered homely, pre-cooked meals to the war-affected population. This idea underwent a lot of iterations and improvements to reach the form which is done today through food delivery app development. Now anyone who has access to a smartphone or a tablet can order food from online to enjoy a sumptuous meal without even moving an inch.

A recent survey shows that 74-75% of millennials prefer ordering food online. This rapid change in dietary habits and the swift rise of technology is changing the food industry forever.

This trend of digitalization of the food industry enables faster delivery of takeout food with less human interaction. And the term “less human interaction” has gained ever so popular with the pandemic that we are in right now! If you are thinking about starting your portal you need to be aware of the various Pros and cons of an online food ordering system.

What you get from this article?

  • 1. The benefits of an exclusive food delivery app development.
  • 2.How food delivery app supporting restaurants in 2020.

On-demand food delivery app development and its benefits

Thrive among competitors

thrive among competitors

Are you worried about your business being placed in a society where the consumer is spoiled for choice with similar food from a dozen of fancy named restaurants? what could you possibly do to stand out of the crowd and be heard directly to your potential customer? The answer is to have an exclusive food delivery app because enrolling your business in any of the common food delivery applications is no good as you wouldn’t get your consumers’ undivided attention.Whereas having an exclusive application would help you to reach your customer directly, one on one and reduce the bounce rate thereby increasing the probability of choosing your restaurant over others.

Revamped revenue model

To be very honest it isn’t all fair when it comes to enrolling your business in a common food delivery app. There are recurring charges yearly that have to be borne by restaurant owners. For a medium, to a large-sized restaurant, this may not be much but to a small-sized restaurant, it makes a lot of difference. It is worth to spend once and have an exclusive food delivery application rather than spending on such recurring expenditure. Apart from this, a regular customer to your business would know how much his favorite item costs at your restaurant but a common delivery app would pump up the price for their profit. This would drive away potential customers. But owning an exclusive food delivery app you set the price for every item and create a win-win situation for you and your customer. Such an exclusive app system is particularly useful during weekends or peak hours when reservation fails to catch on every potential customer.

Access to a wider market

The drawback of being listed in a common food delivery app is that it is bounded by the location restriction. That is your business would not be listed after a couple of KM radius from your business location. This hampers your business visibility to customers who are willing to pay extra just because they love your food. We wouldn’t be able to blame such common food delivery apps also as they have restrictions on the number of delivery executives allocated for an area. Having a robust exclusive online presence via an application can help you revitalize your business process and cater to a larger customer base no matter how far they are. This brings customers a bit further in choosing your food over the other as they are never left out even if they are far away from you.

Do you want to stay connected digitally with an exclusive food Delivery App?

exclusive food delivery app

“Data is the new oil “ – Yes! Today’s world is data-driven and having data to analyze and chart your next course of steps in your business is the smartest move one could make. Having an exclusive online ordering and delivery system, allows you to create a complete database of the customer’s preferences. This will in turn help you in identifying recurring customers, their tastes, and the number of times an order is repeated. This data can just be used to intimate the customer about certain offers by sending notifications in the form of push messages. Customer engagement activities can also be carried out to get valuable feedback and improve the quality of your service.

Final Thoughts

With ever-evolving technology, the food and the restaurant industries are also getting a major phase shift in how business is being done. The online food ordering and delivery system is no different in terms of constant change requirements and has a lot of potential for growth and expansion. If you are lacking ideas or have time constraints on creating an exclusive application for your food-related business you can try reaching out to our team of technology experts to create a one of a kind app and stand out distinctly in the market among your competitors. The level of customization that our team would facilitate will allow you to preserve your brand image and aid in the growth of your business at rates you couldn’t have imagined before. In today’s consumer-driven economy having an online food delivery system is a must and if you are looking at long-term profitability there is no better way than marking your presence online.

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