Ecommerce website design

Ecommerce website design – Introduction

There are plenty of key functions that a website can perform. In that, an ecommerce website is an indispensable process that simplifies the business functionalities by allowing a business to operate entirely online. Currently, ecommerce has become a daily part of our lives, and it is fully integrated into our lives.

The need and necessity of such an ecommerce website are increasing day by day. But, among this highly competitive ecommerce website development, how can some e-commerce sites be more successful than others? What is the role of ecommerce website design in the success of an ecommerce business? Let’s discuss this in detail in this article.

What you get from this article?

  • 1.The importance of ecommerce website design.
  • 2. Summary of significant web design aspects.

Importance of Ecommerce website design

In this modern age, a robust ecommerce website acts as the backbone of your online business. Thus, Ecommerce website design plays a huge role in the success of your business. The common goal of any ecommerce business is to generate profit by turning a visitor into a customer. To make this possible, the website should be appealing to both humans and computers in all possible ways.

In addition to making sales, ecommerce websites have to perform certain other functions, such as signing up for your newsletter and creating an account. The design of your website should motivate the customer to complete these functions that will lead to conversion. Also, two key aspects of a successful website need to be fulfilled equally, which is a smooth function and strong visual design. Ecommerce website design is quite crucial to achieve both of these goals.

Role of ecommerce website design and development Team

A skilled ecommerce website design and development team can create a website that looks excellent and helps customers to make purchases without any hassle from start to end by placing design elements such as call-to-action buttons, Customer Ratings, checkout in the right places.

An ecommerce web designer will begin their work with you by conducting a consultation to find out your goals for your website and the needs of your business. Once they start working on your design project, the best designers are constantly in touch throughout the process and provide frequent updates.

Website design is a very important factor in getting the website to the top in Google search results. A designer can ensure SEO-friendliness by improving the graphics of each page, Site structure, navigation, URL structure, etc., A great web designer can solve each problem that is a barrier to grab the attention of the customers and search engine robots.

Fundamental aspects of Ecommerce Website Design

It is important to make sure the presence of certain inevitable features when dealing with ecommerce website design. By paying close attention to those aspects, you can lead your business on the path to success.

User Experience

UX design is a key factor to consider when designing a website. It is more important to ensure that a website is user friendly to provide a simple user experience from start to finish. In addition to the various features of the UX extension, it also refers to the visual appeal.

user experience

Users usually make perceptions or opinions within the first few seconds of landing on your site, which determines whether they see your site as a professional site with superior features or as an amateur site with just beautifying. Here are some important tips you should follow in designing your website in the visual aspect,

  • From the banner to the menu of the categories, your images need a professional look and feel.
  • Use clear, high definition product images.
  • Use professional fonts, as they have a profound effect on how they are perceived by the reader.
  • Avoid using more than two colors in the primary color scheme.


The top-level navigation is key for a great ecommerce UX. It can be a huge setback for your business if the customer who accesses your website does not know where they are going. Make sure everything is easy to find with smooth navigation that includes CTAs, FAQs, and the contact page.

The sole basis of the easy navigation design is to ensure that users find products and other content quickly. Flawless navigation allows visitors to explore your site and learn about your products or services, which gives them confidence in your brand – and drives sales!

Responsive Design

A responsive website is another vital factor to consider when thinking about UX and ecommerce website design. You need to make sure your site is mobile-friendly, providing an optimal experience for the user on different devices is no more an option, but Inevitable.

Responsive Design

Considering the simplicity and convenience of online shopping and the widespread use of mobile devices by consumers, many shoppers consider the lack of mobile presence of a shop as a huge drawback.

Increase the time visitors spend on your site by improving the way your site looks on devices with larger and smaller screens. It also plays a major role in improving your ranking in search engines. Since most of the traffic comes from mobile devices, it is important to accommodate this factor through your website.


Your visual design approach needs to be well implemented to create a powerful visual design that supports your branding endeavors. 75% of web users determine a company’s brand and credibility based on their web design. Branding represents who you are as a business to your audience.


Even if your design is simple, your customers should know what you do and what you offer. Branding is something that should be transparent throughout the website. Choose colors that specifically reflect the brand and set the style to make it clear what kind of products are being sold.

Stay unique from the crowd

Stay unique from the crowd

Adding unique web design features to stand out from the competitors is another way to attract your customers. Although it is always good to keep the layout of the store the same as it already is on the outside, make sure there are stand-alone components. It could be a fun color scheme, popping logo, or cool animations. Whatever you choose, add something unique so that customers will remember you.

Statistics about website design in 2020

Here are some of the important statistics that show the importance of e-commerce website design.

  • About 94% of users’ first impressions of a website are related to the design of a website.
  • Around 88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad user experience.
  • A User makes an opinion about your website in just 0.5 seconds once after they visit your website.
  • 38% of people do not want to be associated with a website unless the content or layout is impressive.
  • 94% of users’ negative feedback on a website is related to design.


Ecommerce website design is not just about looks and feel, but the overall shopping experience of the user obtained through your website. That flawless shopping experience needs to be able to turn ordinary visitors into paying customers.

You cannot achieve a perfect ecommerce store design all at once. However, it is the responsibility of the web designer to meet as many features as possible. I hope this ecommerce Website Design Guide will help you make the essential design decisions to build the best ecommerce website.

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