Ecommerce Marketing Strategies- Profuse Sales In 2020

Ecommerce marketing strategies- Prologue

Ecommerce marketing strategies is the method of generating sales by creating a pronounced awareness about an online store’s brand and its offerings. Internet marketing is a very competitive and fast-growing sector, where the prime goal of all online stores is to drive more traffic and increase sales. Hence understanding how to set yourself apart from the competition and getting your brand on the frontline is of prime importance. Ecommerce marketing is a great way for online stores to focus on visitors’ behavior and utilizing these data strategically to find the right audience and convert them into potential customers. Digital marketers influence search engines, social media platforms, email marketing, etc., to impress the target audience and foster online purchases. Online shops use digital mediums by channelizing on multiple platforms, to help your target audience get familiarized with your brand and product, which will ultimately impact on increasing your sales. Without any further due, let’s get into this article to have a better understanding of ecommerce marketing strategies and its best practices.

What you get from this article?

  • 1.Best ecommerce marketing strategies to grow every business.
  • 2.Ecommerce marketing best practices to drive more traffic and sales in 2020.

Ecommerce marketing practices

Ecommerce marketing is one of the primary elements of business management that helps in meeting business goals and understanding the requirements thereby satisfying consumers more productively than competitors.

In 2015, global online sales were about 74% and have increased by 11.9% in 2018. This figure is estimated to rise by another 17.5% in 2021.

Also, the report predicts that in 2020 the expected digital buyers across the globe will be over two billion.

Almost 95% of purchases are expected to be online in 2040.

Before purchasing online, 85% of consumers read online reviews and research the brand and quality of the products.

Picture your target audience

Picture your target audience

Before plotting your marketing strategy, the first thing you need to find is who your target audience is, what they are looking for, and how they search or type words and phrases into the search engines. The ecommerce keyword research strategy is the blueprint that helps in better search engine rankings and also brings more traffic. You can do keyword research with the help of some best online tools such as Google keyword planner and Ubersuggest .

Let’s discuss the types of effective ecommerce marketing to drive more traffic

Content marketing

Content marketing

Content marketing is one of the top-rated strategies implemented. It is the process of making content in multiple formats like videos, PPt, article writing, infographics, and sharing on social platforms, in an intent to achieve more leads. This also helps in strengthening your brand and driving more consumers to your site. Apart from this, design your website with great, unique, and high-quality content. This gets Google to consider it as a worthy content and helps in ranking. Hence Content marketing has 2 advantages to it:- It lets you stay connected with consumers and also helps in improving the ecommerce conversion rate.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is a powerful way for all online businesses to reach the target audience spot on. Chances are that your target audience might have already engaged in discussing your brand via social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc., but if you are not interacting with them directly, you will miss them out. Planning the right marketing strategy on social media networks can lead you to remarkable success in your business. Additionally, building loyal brand supporters can even drive more positive leads. Social media marketing is a method of online marketing that consists of designing content and sharing it on the social media platform to meet your branding goals. Social media marketing activities comprise posting content, adding images or infographics, and uploading videos. As you start your social media campaign follow these ideas to get more online engagement. It is important to create quality and attractive content that should grab your audience’s attention. The use of high-quality images and videos along with a mindset to be patient in handling negative comments will take your brand higher in the long run. Be honest and avoid misreport your brand, and include your special offers or discounts, using a hashtag with the targeted keyword. Ensure posting it regularly on social media networks to make the audience remember your brand. All these if done correctly will help in creating robust brand identity, increase more visitors’ engagement, boost conversion rate, and generate more sales.

Email marketing

Email marketing

Though email marketing is an out-dated method, it is still an important strategy to be followed to get connected with potential consumers. This method seems to be quick and cost-effective. Also, this method encourages consumers to repeat a visit to your site. Email marketing is done with an intent to create trust among consumers over time, which in turn will convert them into repeat consumers. This is the most productive method to keep consumers updated with your new sales and promotions. Email marketing software and automation tools help in sending emails and also monitor your subscribers’ activities via a console. Email marketing software will also be able to track analytics such as click-through rates, conversions, and bounce rates. Reports show that email is being used by 94% of internet users and it helps in reaching people who do not have a footprint in social media.

Below are some of the effective tips to make your email marketing successful

1.Write the perfect subject line and avoid repeating the same subject line over and over, as this may end up in your mails in the spam bin.

2.Write content that is informative and clear on what kind of business you have got to offer.

3.Don’t use the same template for all audiences, instead use different templates.

4.You can also mention discounts or special offers via email.

5.You can send welcome or introduction mail for new subscribers, for regular customers you can provide information about your new sales, offers, and so on. Also based on their activities and queries, you can write customized emails accordingly.

6.Your email outreach must also be mobile-friendly. (i.e responsive )

Guest blogging

Guest blogging

Guest Blogging is another way to get high-quality links for your website. It also refers to guest posting, which means writing content and publishing on a third party website. Do guest blogging to earn a good domain authority.

Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing

Search Engine Optimization is the method of driving traffic and enhancing the visibility of a website from search engines through paid and unpaid advertisements. Search Engine Marketing includes pay-per-click campaigns, product-related ad campaigns that can help you to pay for the best spots on SERPs.

Final thoughts

These are the most effective ecommerce marketing strategies, with which you can get great results and run your business effectively. Utilize this available resource effectively to make your website engaging with more visitors and increase conversion rate, and sales. If you are planning to start any campaign and seeking for any assistance to know deeper, you can approach our experts at Spidergems.

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