Top Must Known Digital Marketing Strategies In 2020

Importance of Digital Marketing Strategies- Prologue

Digital marketing has vital importance in today’s internet dominated world. Irrespective of your industry or organization size, digital marketing has a prominent role in growing your business. To strengthen your organization and boost revenue, the right digital marketing strategies are required. Good Digital marketing strategies help in obtaining your desired goals. Your tactics elucidate how you will achieve your targets, like means to increase your conversion rate or ways to boost your positive lead rates. Digital marketing refers to the kind of marketing activities in the internet world with intent to reach a wider audience. This starts with performing market research with the help of digital marketing tools like Google Keyword Planner and digital analytics software like Adobe Analytics, digital advertising platforms. This blog will guide you in understanding the best digital marketing strategies for boosting your business.

What you get from this article?

  • 1.Digital marketing strategies for all  businesses.
  • 2. Some of the prominent digital marketing trends.

Digital Marketing Trends

The digital marketing realm is rapidly changing. A few notable aspects which are going to be of prominence among trends in 2020 will be AI technology, interactive content, video, and voice search.

Digital Marketing Benefits

  • Ability to plan with the data and Analytics to support
  • More positive lead generation
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Compared to traditional marketing it is cost-effective
  • Good ROI
  • Boost sales
  • Gain customers trust and build a robust brand identity
  • A better understanding of your competitors
  • Real-time results
  • Enhance your outreach

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the techniques that comprise creating, sharing, and publishing  relevant and valuable content in order to attract, reach your target audience with the intention of generating the lead. In business, this strategy will assist you to enhance brand identity, increase sales, associate with your target audience, and effective customer engagement. The prime work for content marketing is the blog post. Including long-tail and quality keywords in every post is required to bring high traffic and leads.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization [SEO] is the process of molding the content in order to rank in search engine results as high as possible.

The SEO process which does not use any paid promotion for rankings is known to be organic SEO. In the world of SEO, advertisers that appear on the first SERP (Search Engine Result Page) creates all the variance in terms of the triumph rate of any marketing strategy. This is because of the links on the first page results that can collect the most clicks. A report shows 65% of all user clicks are received from the first five listings on any SERPs. Hence being top among the visibility of the listed result is a priority.

To accomplish Search Engine Optimization, strategies such as on and off the web page are also followed. This process includes link building, targeting keywords, site auditing, improving site loading speed, and linkable assets creation.

According to research, 93% of online visits to your website starts from search engine results. Hence, SEO is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Generally, businesses market themselves through a contact list which is either made by themselves or being paid to receive from other agencies. These contact lists contain details like phone numbers and email addresses using which, data can be sent easily using the software.

When organizations create these contact lists themselves, they basically obtain permission to send regular updates and data to consumers, thereby updating and also educating huge audiences about their new products, services, and any offers or discounts.

Email marketing provides many benefits such as promotions, building up a brand reputation, and improves conversions. Email Marketing is considered to be the most effective as well as the successful method of digital marketing. It gives a higher ROI (Return on Investment). Lately, email marketing has greatly obtained familiarity in the digital marketing realm due to awareness.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing [SMM], is another most frequently used method of digital marketing. With the average estimation of three hours on social media spent by any users, social media has now turned to be the prime hub for advertisement.

Social Media Marketing creates an opportunity to reach the target audience and personalized advertising with the chance to connect and interact in person. This renders a more fulfilling and satisfying journey for potential consumers. Social media marketing plays a huge impact on business growth. Some of the famous social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram.

PPC – Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click

Pay per click [PPC], is an online advertising technique where organizations or businesses pay to get marketed. A small amount is paid each time their content or link is being clicked upon. PPC advertisements are divided into two categories such as SERP adverts and those that occur directly on web pages.

The basic PPC formula: Pay-per-click ($) = Total Advertising Cost ($) ÷ Number of Ads clicked

If implemented perfectly, pay per click advertising provides targeted traffic of potential consumers within a short span.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a multi-channel, marketing method that intends to obtain a target audience via their smartphones, tablets, or any other mobile device with the help of platforms like emails, SMS, MMS, websites, downloadable mobile apps, social media or an array of various methods.It targets a particular audience, as the platform chosen gives clear details of user demographic which helps in personalizing the marketed content. The worldwide smartphone users in 2020 are 5.16 billion. Hence the audience reachable via this kind of marketing is far and wide, and also virtually constantly available.

Marketing Automation

The main goal of this technique is to automate the marketing process. It utilizes particularly designed software that lets an organization prioritize and perform its  marketing strategy  more productively. Automating the digital marketing process focuses on streamlining the following things like lead generation, customer lifecycle marketing, segmentation, lead scoring, cross-sell and up-sell, and marketing ROI measurement.

Digital Display Advertising

Showing advertisements of relevant content on third-party sites like blogs, forums, etc are included in this method. It is an interactive way to grab visitors’ attention. These methods comprise of banners, video adverts, overlays, interstitial adverts, and linked content.

Display advertising is an effective method for creating brand identity and establishing brand loyalty.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a method by which an online marketer pays a share to an external site for traffic or deals produced from its referrals. It functions as a kind of performance-based marketing proposal in which a business is marketed by one or more affiliates and get paid for every visitor or consumer introduced by the affiliate team’s marketing attempt. Performing as a pay per performance model, it eases the organization’s marketing needs and price workings as it devises simple computation. By 2020 the affiliate marketing is estimated to reach $6.8 billion. Therefore, affiliate marketing is the right choice for organizations that are looking to target an audience with great outreach.

Final Thoughts

We hope this article has brought insight into different methods of digital marketing available to all businesses for a successful growth plan. Spidergems is one of the leading digital service providers in Chennai. Feel free to reach us for any kind of digital marketing requirement for your business.

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