Create Shortcode for WordPress Page Title

We come across situations in which we need to show current WordPress page title or include WordPress page / post title in the content. A shortcode can be put to use in such cases. Here is a quick example of PHP code needed to create a short code for WordPress Page Title.

Add the below code to functions.php file of your theme.

function page_title_sc( ){
   return get_the_title();
add_shortcode( 'page_title', 'page_title_sc' );


This will create a short code called


Use this shortcode [page_title] in you wordpress content, it returns the page / post title.

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14 thoughts on “Create Shortcode for WordPress Page Title

  1. Hello and thank you for this code. i’m searching for a shortcode like [post_title post_id=3] to display in a page the title of a the post number 3

  2. I founded :
    add_shortcode( ‘px_post_title’, ‘px_post_title’ );
    function px_post_title() {
    $post_title = get_the_title($post = 514);
    return $post_title;

    1. Hi Pascal, thank you for sharing the code that displays a specific post title. We will update this in the article.

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