COVID 19 Impact: Consumers Are Moving Towards E-commerce. Is Your Business E-commerce Ready?



The Covid-19 pandemics have changed the way we work, shop, and communicate with people in recent times like more than any other disruption. A recent report says that Covid-19 has a dramatic long-term impact on users’ shopping habits while speeding up the change to online retail.

The remote working is accumulated much important. In the meanwhile, the majority of businesses such as airlines and more are adversely impacted.

However, this pandemic has the potential to change how consumers buy, consume information, and even their consideration of how businesses work.

One of the most important questions at present is how Covid-19 is impacting the eCommerce business? Well, what will happen when all this gets over? Let’s find out in this post.

What you get from this article?

  • 1. How COVID-19 is changing customer behaviors.
  • 2. How E-commerce platform can help business owners during this effect.

COVID-19: Impacting On Users Behaviour

The ecommerce advertisement spending is estimated to increase by 17.7% and social media spending to increase by 22.2%. This may have an impact on users’ behavior, as they shift from buying offline to online. Due to the current scenario, people are spending more time at home, so brands have responded by switching from offline to online. This recommends that ecommerce is constantly to increase since people avoid physical stores.

E-commerce Challenges

In theory, online stores of all sizes tend to benefit from the shift of users’ behaviour to online shopping. Because so far they are well-positioned to serve the growing demand for goods and services. Meanwhile companies should make sure that their sites are good and well optimized. So when users are on the site the ecommerce platform must be responsive and also it must meet users’ expectations.

Online Grocery Stores

As we all know that the world is facing a severe lockdown presently. As a result of which housebound people across the world are shifting towards online groceries for their essential requirements. So the delivery of vegetables and groceries are also increased.

Innovation And Epidemic

Even though the disease is contagious, on the other hand, it is concurrently compelling innovators to come up with revolutionary ideas. So more companies are started in experimenting with robots, drones, and automation for delivering products. Meanwhile if these ideas are implemented well by considering the need to reduce the physical contact, this can ultimately make contactless resolution and also can prevent great loss.

Online Medicines

Through scrutinizing the eCommerce transactions, it is analysed that the medicines sale for cough, flu, and cold have increased upto 198% high due to this pandemic.

Virus Protection Products

Since authorities like medical and government have urged people to maintain adequate hygiene. Because of this reasons people are looking for protective products, like gloves, sanitizers, masks, etc. The report says that the eCommerce purchase for virus protection products has increased by 817%. Apart from this, the fact that people are going hysterical over toilet paper has raised the online sale of the same by 186%.

The Merge Of Uncontrollable Environment And Supply Chains

The global supply chains are getting ready to keep the expected quality consistent and also simultaneously reducing the price at each step. It also has resulted in a great risk for most of the companies as far as geographies are concerned.

Today the world requires a combination of coordination and manageable supply for products across the globe and at the same time maintaining the demand.

In this situation, sophisticated technologies like IoT, robotics, block chain and more will have to be careful. Also this can have positive impact on the adoption of delivery drones and even eCommerce delivery will surpass the current condition.

E-commerce Integration Can Help Business Owners In The Coming Days

Since the Coronavirus crisis pursues to bear down on the world’s population, where companies with robust ecommerce offerings make sure that, they are there when users want them.

The digital sales increases by 30% and the e-commerce applications are certainly integrated.

The marketplace changes to become forever competitive as companies look to capitalize on this trend. Suppose if your site lack responsiveness and also when it does not found for relevant searches in search engines, your potential to compete will be greatly decreased.

This indicates that, instead of stopping the marketing campaigns like Analytics, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Pay per Click (PPC) and Paid Social, etc. While investing into these areas can certainly prevent the loss of online market share.

At the same time it is sensible to remain invested in online marketing campaigns like SEO and Paid Media to promote your brand in this COVID 19 crisis.

Through careful analysis of how quickly a site’s pages load within different devices that can help in improving site speed. Just remember, that these days page speed is a ranking factor in Google. So the Optimization of page load times is a great way to improve baseline revenue.

At the same time, making sites work better for existing users, will allow them to have a satisfied and hassle-free checkout experience. This will certainly render boost to the revenue generated by the site and also improve in brand affinity.

The world will come across more novel where digital innovations to make the online shopping streams alive.

Final Thoughts

COVID-19 is making the world to change. At the same time, your consumers are learning how to shop online. They are discovering new ways to get what they require from the comfort of their homes. As a result of which an ecommerce is growing enormously. Additionally, businesses must consider taking campaigns like analytics, online marketing, and online content to stay competitive and must satisfy the customers’ needs.

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