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Let us discuss the comparison of two favourite shopping hubs: Amazon and Costco and let us see which membership is better. When it comes to savings and convenience, both are in leading roles. However, it is quite tricky in deciding between both. Well, the buying in bulk will save big and that idea made Costco a prominent retail success.

What you get from this article?

  • 1. Comparison between Amazon and Costco.
  • 2. How Costco differ from Amazon in terms of product and service.

Membership Cost

In terms of cost Amazon Prime costs $79/year while the Gold Star Costco costs $60/year + tax. Moreover, Costco has an Executive Membership for $120/year that covers complete benefits, rewards, and product savings, which is totally worth it. Meanwhile Costco is a one-time fee whereas Amazon offers monthly payments.


Well your choice of openness to online purchases is one thing that can tilt the scales. If you love shopping from your own comfort zone [home] and looking for fast shipping, you can probably try with Amazon. While if you are looking for physical store and would like to purchase in person, the Costco membership is likely to worth it.

Overall Cost

The overall cost is less at Costco. While Amazon Prime doesn’t offer any discounts and free shipping on many items, Costco is greatly known for their bulk pricing and items in the household staples category. Costco is 80% better than Amazon of the time and even pricing isn’t the only part here.

Other Advantages

The additional benefits when opting for Costco or Amazon Prime membership are exclusive. While the Costco membership is good for functional lifestyle as it gives access to using the chain’s gas stations, hearing aid center, Costco Optical, and Costco Pharmacy. Alternatively, the Amazon Prime membership is all about entertainment that provides access to Prime Video, Prime Music, and Twitch Prime. When we compare both, the additional perks are totally different. It is completely clear that Costco is better option for efficiency and savings on things compare to amazon

Costco Has Better Offers Than Amazon

The Costco membership offers some discounts on services like auto care, optical and hearing centers, travel, gas, and pharmacies. Purchasing prescriptions at Costco without claiming insurance is lesser than using a standard pharmacy. At the same time, you get entertainment from Amazon Prime which we aren’t be paying for otherwise. Even the price of electronics, which are also cheaper at Costco.

Final Thoughts

After comparison of both Amazon vs. Costco, Costco wins the battle has it is consider with huge savings and good deal in purchasing bulk items.

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