How to speed up web page loading time

Do you have a very unique or valuable content on your website? Or a content that is wanted by people so badly? If not, you can’t expect your website visitors […] Read More

Web design trends 2018

The website designing standards and techniques change rapidly and what is followed a year before might be outdated one year after. With the help of developments in the web technologies, […] Read More

Best background color for website

Best Background Color for Website It is not like designers choose random colors when they design something. They ponder over various aspects and come up with a color scheme before […] Read More

Recent web design trends

On one hand technology in the web development industry is changing quite fast and on the other hand designers experiment with designs forced to make the websites they create unique […] Read More

Why a website is necessary

“A few years ago, some businesses created websites because in those times, having a website address on the business card was a luxury. Time has changed. It is no longer […] Read More

How to optimize WordPress website to improve page speed

There is no wonder if a WordPress websites load slower. WordPress websites are built on PHP and they are database oriented. They have complex code that would reduce the page […] Read More

WordPress vs Joomla

Once you choose to do your website using a content management system (CMS), the next question is which one. Picking one of them can be a challenging job because everything […] Read More

Bootstrap 4 What’s New

Bootstrap 4 What’s New Web designers’ community has been waiting long for the release of the stable version of Bootstrap 4 and it is finally rolled out. Since Mark Otto […] Read More
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