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You have a website but what use if its content is not timely relevant? Or doesn’t work well due to high traffic or server issues?. A good website should be updated regularly with relevant contents and maintained properly. Remember, your website is a product and you need website maintenance services to keep it fresh, alive and functional.

An e-commerce website would have to add new products to their website regularly. A company offering services may have to inform their visitors with the latest packages and plans. A company selling products may have to update the latest product they have at their disposal.

Website Maintenance Services in chennai

We provide website maintenance in India for affordable prices. You can pay monthly, quarterly or annually. We have flexible plans based on the nature of website maintenance you need and its frequency.

Although our plans are categorized, we are flexible. We customize plans based on your unique requirements.

Maintenance is not limited to updating the contents or changing the design. It is also about backing up the website and database, database management, dealing with website security issues and ensuring the smooth functioning of the website.


What Makes Website Maintenance Important

Update Existing Content

All the pages and other contents on your website should be up to date.You may have to update the pages or posts on your website depending on the development in your company or industry. If you have made any changes in your service, it should be updated on the website too. Otherwise, visitors will be provided with old information which may lead to customer dissatisfaction.

Server Management

As the complexity of the website and number of traffic increase, the website may begin to perform worse. You may need to upgrade the backend technologies or plans based on the requirements. It is also possible that the server you host your website may perform poorly after some time. You will need experienced and talented website maintenance team to fix all these issues.

Add Fresh Contents

Relevant and useful content should be regularly posted on your website’s blog.You may have a blog on your website to attract more customers to your site and build loyal customers by providing them with relevant and useful contents for free. This would enhance your company’s online visibility in many ways.Moreover, some companies expand their operations over time and it should be included in the website time to time. New pages and other content blocks should be added based on these developments.

Retain Relevance of the Contents

Remove Irrelevant and Add Relevant Content on the Website.Suppose you haven’t updated your content for a while. You may have some content that is timely relevant. You can’t have details of your Christmas special promotions on the home page when people visit your website in April.You would have to update the content time to time considering many factors. Some contents are relevant for a particular period and it should be removed when it is not relevant.Similarly, you need to add details of your latest products and packages in your website. Having the fresh and relevant content on your website makes your company look like it is active and alive. Visitors may think that your company is dead if they see old and irrelevant content on your website.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimize the website for better ranking in search engine results by adding with fresh and relevant content. Search engines like Google love websites that are regularly updated. You will be given preference by search engines if you update your website regularly. This would help you rank higher in Google searches and increase your visibility. If you update your website regularly, visitors would come again to your website and it is a good ranking signal. Basically, updating your website regularly with fresh contents would give you the upper hand over your competitors.

Improve the UX

Improve the user experience of the website and increase conversion. While you go through the web analytics of your website, you may see a large number of visitors from particular pages. The reason for this behavior may be a poor experience they have on those particular pages. You may need to look into the issues and take measures to fix those issues. Moreover, in complex websites, advanced or interactive functions may break down sometime. These issues have to be figured out and fixed quickly in order to not affect the traffic or conversion rate.

Page Loading Speed Optimization

There are many factors making a website load slower. The speed of the website will directly affect the conversion rate and sales. The issues with the server or database may sometime reduce the speed. Sometimes, sudden huge traffic to your website may also slow down your website. It is important to find out the issue and solve them immediately to make your website load faster. Otherwise, users may have a bad impression of your company.

Database Management

You may have confidential and important data in your database which you want to be maintained properly. Failure in the maintenance of the database may results in big risks sometimes. All your works and tasks would be affected if the there is an error in the database. You will need assistance to back up your database regularly to avoid risks.

Latest News

Sharing what is going on your company through your website may help you attract the visitors to the company. Depending on the nature of your business, it may help you to keep in touch with your loyal customers and impress new visitors with details of your achievements and activities.

Moreover, you may have seasonal promotional campaigns which need to be updated on the website when the right time comes. Whatever be the nature of your company or website, we have a wide array of website maintenance service plans to meet your requirements. Whether you need a daily, weekly or monthly maintenance, we got special plans for you.<.p>

Ensure Safety & Security

There might be bad people trying to get access to your website for a variety of reasons. Some may be the agents of your competitors to break your business while some would be frauds requiring ransom for giving back the website after hacking into it. Whatever be the case, leaving your website vulnerable to attacks may damage your business and would cost you a huge amount. That is why it is important to find the security loopholes in your website and fix them. Websites dealing with sensitive data of the business or its customers should never compromise the security of the website. Such companies should ensure the safety and security of the website with regular maintenance of the website.

New Campaigns

Your website is the center point of all your online promotion and you would have to update the website with latest promotional offers and packages. This would increase the reach of the campaign and conversion rate. You also have to modify the website to remove the details of the campaign when it is over.

Website Maintenance Plan

We have classified our plans based on different requirements. Most companies would need to make changes on their website at least once in a month. This helps them to provide the users with fresh and relevant information with the visitors. However, companies operating their business online like e-commerce would require frequent changes in the website. E-commerce website needs to add new products to the website and change the home page and other landing pages based on the season. We also provide advanced website maintenance and management services like server and database management. These plans are for companies with sensitive data in their website’s database.

This plan includes making basic changes in the text, images and other contents. We will add, remove and change images and videos on the website. We can also make small changes in the colors of the text and background colors. In this plan, we don’t make big changes on the website. This is plan is suitable for website owners who want to make small changes in the websites to update the content based on the relevance.

This plan is for websites requiring moderate changes quite often and needs regular backup of the website and database. This plan includes adding new pages, redesigning existing pages, updating the details about services, products or portfolio and adding new products to the e-commerce websites along with all services included in the basic plan. This plan also provides server and database management services. We will back up the database and website regularly to ensure the data of the website is secure even if the website is crashed. We also take measures fix the slow loading of the website by optimizing the server and web pages. However, you may need to subscribe advanced plan to make major changes in the websites even it is related to the page loading speed.


This plan is for websites like e-commerce websites or cloud-based software with advanced and dynamic functionalities and features. We will provide complete modification of the dynamic features of the website and make major design changes. We will also change the copy on the website and other contents. Another unique feature of this plan is the safety assurance. We manage the server and database and ensure your website and data is safe from cyber-attacks and other vulnerabilities. We check for check security loopholes in the website and fix if we find any issues. There is no doubt about the importance of the regular maintenance of websites. The period and depth of these maintenances may vary based on the nature and requirements of the website and business. We provide 360-degree service for web requirements.

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