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We develop all types of web apps from static web apps to social media websites and from collaborative websites to the e-commerce platform. Whether it is for managing your business operation, client communication or customer management, we can build your web apps to help you do the tasks more effectively and faster. Whatever be the degree of complexity or number of features, we can provide best solutions for your requirements.

All you have to do is let us know what you want to do and we will help you to figure out the easiest ways to do that. Long years of experience taught us to build web apps that would help users to finish the tasks in the easiest and most efficient ways. We are dedicated to providing solutions for companies to work more efficiently and operate more effectively.

Consistently Performing Web Apps

We build a seamless client-server environment to allow the users use the web app smoothly. Our developers ensure that the interactions are smooth and the platform is less likely to give errors. We test the platforms multiple times before deploying it and ensure that the web apps work fine and smoothly.

It is important for your website to keep the platform alive all the time. It would be frustrating to work with a platform that crashes often. Therefore, we give special importance to make sure the web app won’t crash or go down. We guarantee you the consistent performance of the platform we build. You won’t have to stop your operation due to the bad performance of the web apps we build.

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Cross -platform Compatibility

Our web apps are designed to work on any device, OS, and browser. The client in the client-server environment of a web app can be any browser and hence it is important to ensure the web app supports in all browsers. With the advanced server side and client side languages, it makes it difficult for regular developers to build a website that works in all browsers the same you expect. We have years of experience in developing web apps and we are well aware of the different cross-browser compatible issues. We easily fix all issues regarding this issue. You can use any modern browser to access the program. This makes the need of building a dedicated interface for the client side obsolete. Users don’t have to install any additional software or program on their computer or mobile.

The web app we develop also works on every operating system including Mac OS, Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, and Android. Any browser on these platforms can be used to open the web app. Therefore, you don’t have to build separate software for each OS. Additionally, we also ensure that the app works on every device from high-end computers to smartphones. Users can easily access the web app we develop from anywhere they want and from any device they want. All they need is the access to the internet.

Safe Platforms

Although web apps look exactly like native apps or software, ultimately they are websites and vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Sometimes, virus attacks may slow down or crash the platform and this is also not good for your business.

Your data in the database of the platform is important to you and so we take measures to ensure the safety of the databases. We also prevent chances of virus attacks to keep the web app safe always. Letting your web app go down for even a few hours may cost you huge. Therefore we never compromise on the security and performance of the web app. The web apps we build are designed to make doing particular tasks easier and faster. They would make your life a lot easier and help you to more things more efficiently in less time.

Types of Web Apps We Develop

There are different types of web apps based on the features and their uses. We develop web ERP systems for companies and institutions to computerize their operation and increase the productivity. We take advantage of the internet and build platforms on the web to take the operation or tasks to a new level. Depending on your requirement we develop different types of web apps.

We exploit the psychology of the design and data to create the perfect plan and design for the websites we build. Our designers and marketers come up with special formula to create effective websites that convert more visitors and help you win more sales. The result-oriented approach we follow in developing effective websites for businesses made Spidergems the best web design company in Nagercoil delivering the best value to the client.

Web apps revolutionized the way people work and interact with each other. If you want a web platform for helping your employees to do projects together, we can build you amazing interactive platforms. This would help you to do or upload works online and they can be accessed by anyone in your company. These kinds of web apps will increase the productivity of your team. It also reduces the risk of having Programs like Adobe CC, Google Docs, and Office Online are few examples of web apps. These kinds of apps help employees to collaborate with others. Employees can create and you can review or modify the work using own computer. Workers no longer have to worry about transferring the files from system to system.

All employees in the company work on the same system and everybody can access everybody’s works. Of course, there will be a restriction and different access levels which can be managed by an administrator.

Collaborative web apps help people to work together no matter where they are. Websites like Wikipedia is the best example of a collaborative app. There, people can contribute to the system and modify it but admins maintain the full control over platform. If you want to build collaborative web apps like e-learning platform, P2P services, and chat rooms, we can build you feature-rich web apps to help you do what you want.

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