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We build unique and smart websites for companies in the hospitality industry ranging from bed and breakfasts to luxury hotels and from holiday rentals to high-class resorts. Whether you own a hotel or resort with extensive guest services or a lodge, the best way to win more customers is going online. You need to have a strong online presence to help your customers find you and to convince them that you offer the best service in your area. A website is the first step in going online, and we offer web design for accommodation businesses anywhere in the world.

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We design the UI of the websites and add features based on the target customers. We design responsive websites with rich-functionalities to convince your visitors that your hotel is the best in your area. We help your customers find you easily and make a bond with your company.

It is through your website your customers make the first interaction with your business, and if your website is not impressive, they are more likely to neglect you. A hotel website needs to be clean and tidy and should clearly state the services the hotel offers.

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Why Going Online is Important for Businesses Offering Accommodation Services

Suppose you are planning a week-long vacation with your family in Ootty. You need a place to stay there. How will you find one? Would you think like you can go there and find a good hotel after reaching there? No, you will not do that.

You may open Google and type “rooms for family in Ootty” or something similar. Then Google would provide them with details of hundreds of hostel. They would check their website to find details of facilities, pricing plans, and go through the reviews. They would shortlist a few hotels, resorts, and lodges, etc. This is how it works. Therefore, it is important for a business offering accommodation service to have a beautiful and feature-rich website to build online visibility and grow their business.

Visitors reaching a destination would look for accommodation facilities during their planning stage itself. If you don’t have an online presence, they don’t know you exist. It doesn’t matter you provide the best service in your area, if your customers don’t know you, you don’t get them. That is why even a small lodge or hostel needs an internet today.


Clean and Elegant Design

Our talented UI designers create websites with clean and elegant designs to reflect the values your hotel upholds. An elegant and clean design is very important in web design for accommodation because it can induce your website visitors because it communicates the clean and hygienic environment of the hotel and high-quality services you offer.

Luxury hotels and resorts may need to reflect their elegance on their website too. We build websites considering the nature of your service and target customers. This approach is helpful to increase the conversion rate because we target the right market.

Translation-ready Websites

We can build translation-ready websites where users can change the language with a single click. Our translation-ready website design made us the most sought after web design company for acccommodation.

Websites available in multiple languages is one key to win customers from all over the world. If your property is located in an international tourist hub, your target customers might be spread all over the world. Every one of them may not read English well. So, if you provide your website in multiple languages, it can help you reach more customers. Moreover, this makes your visitors think you are concerned about them and you care for them. Therefore, translation-ready websites are crucial in web design for accommodation.

Booking Engine

Our development team makes sure the booking engine on your website is fully functional and works like a charm. A perfectly integrated booking engine on the website can win 50% more customers. Prompting the website visitors with a booking form while they reach on your website will persuade them to book a room. You may lose valuable customers if the booking form in your website crash often or if the filled form fields go blank after hitting the submit button while the form didn’t get submitted actually. Therefore, booking engine is essential in web design for accommodation.

Well Classified Packages

We will display your different packages in an easy to understand way. The multiplicity of packages might confuse the visitors. We arrange them in a way that would help them to compare and contrast different packages.

High-quality Images without Affecting Page Loading Speed

We know cool techniques to use high-quality images without affecting the page loading speed. Attractive and quality images capture the attention of the visitors and create a good impression. So, we can’t compromise on the quality of the image when it comes to the web design for accommodation. However, having high-quality images on your website may backfire because it reduces page loading speed due the high size of images. We use advanced compression and tricks to use quality images without affecting speed.

Digital Marketing for Accommodation Businesses

We can help you boost your presence online and get more clients. There might be hundreds of hotels and similar companies offering accommodation services in your area and it would difficult to compete with them if you don’t stay above them online. The important thing is to be there in front of them while they search for you.

Our amazing team of SEO analysts will help you appear in Google for searches related to your service. This would give you an advantage over your competitors. All the people searching for the accommodation in your area would be provided on your website. They would visit your visit and choose you if they find the information on your website satisfactory and your service matches their requirements.

Update Your Website Regularly with USer-friendly CMS

Our service doesn’t end after we handover the website. We will help you to update your website and make changes when you need it.

You may want to welcome your website visitors with information about the seasonal packages, plans, and other promotional campaigns. This may require you to update your website regularly, but you don’t have to worry about it. We will help you update your websites whenever you want.

Free HTML5 Templates for Hotel Websites

We have some cool holiday rental website templates which you can use to build a website for your company by yourself. You don’t need to hire a web design agency to build a website for your company if you think you can do it by yourself or if you can’t afford it now.

You can use the templates for free and customize the way you want. You can change the texts and images easily in the HTML documents and change colors and style in CSS documents. You can do web design for accommodation by yourself with the help of the HTML5 templates if you have a basic understanding of HTML.

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