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Deploy a Subscription Mobile App for your recurring delivery business

Digitization has revolutionized modern business models, making it an essential aspect of operations. Smartphones and the internet are now basic necessities. We have developed an exclusive subscription mobile app solution for single-vendor businesses, enabling them to connect with customers and conduct business more effectively and efficiently.

Roles & Apps

Admin Web App

The master application that handles the entire system. Internal staff is also provided access to admin app with restricted capabilities

Internal User Web App

Internal staff is provided access to admin app with restricted capabilities

Customer Mobile App

Customer can view the list of products. He/she can subscribe to products as well as place orders

Driver Mobile App

Drivers accept the orders placed by customers, picks and delivers items to customers

Suitable for

Milk Business

Upgrade your milk business with our tailored subscription app. Simplify deliveries, manage subscriptions, and delight your customers effortlessly.

Recurring Food

Streamline your food delivery business with our specialized subscription app. Manage recurring orders, optimize routes, and enhance customer satisfaction with ease.

Micro Greens

Revolutionize your microgreens delivery service with our custom app. Simplify order management, ensure timely deliveries, and provide an exceptional customer experience

Spinach (Greens)

Transform your spinach business with our tailored subscription app. Simplify recurring orders, ensure timely deliveries, and enhance customer satisfaction seamlessly.


The dashboard acts as the hub that stores all the information about the users and the sales and analytical reports that helps the admin (or the store owner) keep track of business.

Subscription Product

The admin created subscription product is shown in the front-end.
The customer can subscribe to the product, edit subscription, pause and resume subscription from the App

Single Orders

The customer can not only subscribe to a product. He/she can place one time orders of any products which can be delivered along with the subscribed products 

User insights

The analytical part begins here, where the complete insights about a customer get derived in this portion and provide a suggestive approach to the admin to position the products better.

Order Tracking

The order tracking feature that we have built-in is here to facilitate your customers that help them in tracking their ordered products using a mapping facility, this feature can be accessed by both the users(customer and store admin) to ensure the right product gets delivered at the right time.

Order History

The order history feature will be helpful for the store owner in terms of analytical perspective, where our app will suggest the same or similar products to the respective customer based on their previous purchase. It also helps the users or customers to know about their orders.

Delivery Tracking

Delivery tracking is the most crucial feature in customer retention for any mini or micro store handling this app. The more accurate the delivery is the higher will be the customer retention.

Payment Options

The inclusion of multiple payment options like cash on delivery, card usage, and linking cards with third-party payment gateways would help the admin track the highly preferred ones and plan for suitable discounts.


The transaction details of all the customers get stored in the database are accessible by the store owner or the admin these transaction details include the purchase history, the total amount of payment done by a customer, the payment options availed, and the coupons or discounts offered.


Customization to the core is the key attribute of this mobile app, and wallet integration is another striking feature in it. We can create a dedicated wallet for both the users’ (customers and admin) to store money and purchase while placing the orders.

Coupons, offers and discounts

The admin can post, manage, and update the offers and discounts using coupons for various products and categories, and on the other hand, the users will get notified about the discount coupon depending on the product they purchase.

Cart Management

The cart management feature gets enabled for both the user (customer) and the admin (store owner), where the user can make multiple purchases by adding products to the cart, and on the other hand, the admin can view the carts of all the individual user.

Driver Management

Multiple drivers can be created and activated. Once they are mapped to an order, they can view the products pick from the warehouse/store and deliver to the customers

User(s) profile

The admin takes complete control of this feature here, the admin will create a separate profile for all the individual users by providing basic details like name, address, phone number.


Now the stores can use our single-vendor mobile app to brand themselves in a much better way. It is about launching a new product line or expanding the existing one or even changing the location, the stores can use the dedicated branding feature to elevate their promotional approach.

Push notification

The admin or the store owner can now send instant updates about the products, new arrivals, and offers to their customers through the push notification feature in the mobile app, it can also get automated where the notification message instantly reaches the specific customer group once the update regarding the product gets posted by the admin.

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