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The most reliable and robust school management software in Chennai. A cloud-based solution offering a single-window platform to manage the entire processes in a school under one roof.
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Academic Management System for School

Spidergems have various modules to manage all the academic activities from admission to homework and from student assessment to promotion. Creating the time table for each class and is not a hefty job anymore. Spidergems allows you to generate timetables for all classes in a few clicks.

Teachers can assign homework, coursework, and assignments to each class which can be viewed by respective students and parents. It helps parents to ensure that their kids complete the works on time. School can upload examination time table to Spidergems which can be accessed by students and parents. It also allows teachers to upload the grade or score of each student after the assessment so parents can view it whenever they want.


Role-based Access

Spidergems offers different user roles for principal, admin staff, teachers, students, and parents to control the access to the system and actions they can perform.

Intuitive User Interface

The simple and intuitive UI of Spidergems helps users to interact with the system easily and complete operations efficiently.

Integrated System

Interconnected modules in Spidergems create a smooth flow of information between various modules and automate various manual and repetitive tasks.

SMS & Email Integration

Automate the process of sending emails and SMS to the parents about the day to day activities of their kids, events, attendance, reports, and homework.

Responsive Design

Our web-based school management system can be accessed from any computers laptop, tablet or smartphone with the right username and password.

Online & On-site Support

Get instant online support 24*7 and on-site support to aid any technical help whenever required.

Student Information System

Spidergems offers a centralized platform for hosting all information about each student from admission to board exam results and beyond. All the data inserted by the office, teachers, and parents are stored in the cloud system, and it can be retrieved whenever you want.

It gives quick and easy access to actionable data about each student. The comprehensive data enables you to pull out the performance history of students. However, not all people can access all data of the students. Access to the data is controlled to ensure confidentiality.

School management software provider in Chennai

Spidergems provides the perfect solution to make the school administration a hassle-free process. It enables quick communication, flawless administration, and transparent operations in schools. The accounting system automatically generates financial reports of the school’s income and expenses retrieving data from various modules. It allows you to create financial and other reports within a few clicks and get insight into the real-time financial performances of your school to make informed decisions. You no longer need to manually go through various files to get the information you need. With a wide range of filters, staff can filter out the data they need within seconds and generate reports. It makes our product one of the top school management software in Chennai.

Fee Management

School office can monitor the total fees collected and generate the fee defaulters report so the school can easily remind the parent and students about the pending payment.

HR Management

Spidergems also allow the school management to keep track of the teachers and non-teaching staff. The payroll management module handles various elements of salary and automates the process of generating accurate payslips each month.

Automatic Generation of ID Cards

Designing the ID cards of students and staff is no longer a tedious and time-consuming process. Spidergems will automatically generate the ID cards using the data stored in the school management system.

Parents will never miss an update from the school again. Spidergems enables parents to stay connected with the school and check the performance of their kids easily. Parents receive real-time updates of the absence, progress reports and special remarks from teachers so they can make timely interventions.

Spidergems allows you to send automated emails and SMS to the parents regarding assignments, exam results, meetings, events, and holiday.

It can also be used to alert parents about the absence or misconduct of their kids instantly without any hassle.

The digital diary makes parent-teacher communication seamless. It allows teachers to record students’ activities behavior at school and other remarks. Parents can check this whenever they want and respond to the teacher or take appropriate action if required.

The digital diary facilitates confidential communication between parents and teacher and builds better parent-teacher relationships.

Being able to access attendance, performance and various other reports of students, teachers, and parents can have more efficient and effective communication to ensure the growth of the students.

With all student coursework, assignments, grades and other reports are being stored in a centralized data management system, parents and teachers can access the academic progress students very quickly. You can get the reports of students over the past years so you can quickly analyze the progress, get meaningful insights and make effective interventions.

While teachers can view the reports of all students they teach, parents can access only the reports of their kids to ensure confidentiality.

Cloud Solution

Spidergems is hosted on the cloud. You no longer need to set up servers in your school. It can be accessed with any device having a web browser and internet connectivity using your credentials. Whether it’s parents, teachers or management, you can access the system from any device from anywhere in the world.

Your data can only be accessed with your credentials. All your data is stored in an encrypted format which makes it impossible for others to use it even if someone manages to get the encrypted data. It helps you to protect and keep your data confidential.

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