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You know that responsive web design is the key. Why?

India is having an internet user base of 46 crores as of 2017, out of which 34 crores are smartphone users, means 74 percent of the internet user base in the country use their mobile as primary means for accessing the web. Datasource:

These visitors are accessing websites via their handheld device which may be a mobile phone, smart phone, phablet or a tablet. Website contents should be optimized for such hand held devices so that you don’t miss those visitors. As a responsive web design company in Chennai we can help you achieve this by implementing a responsive website design.

Fully Responsive Websites

Google recommends responsive web design At Spidergems we design fully responsive websites from the scratch to ensure that your content is delivered in an optimised way over a wide range of devices from the tiny handheld smart phones to the massive wide screen desktop monitors.

Google Recommends Responsive Website

Google recommends responsive web design

Responsive Website is not just the recommendation of Spidergems. Look what the search engine leader Google says about Responsive Webdesign here.

Responsive Webdesign Delivers The Best UX

Responsive web design delivers better UX

A responsive website renders the same content in different layouts, depending upon the device that is used. This gives a completely different and optimized user experience across various devices.

Check out a responsive website

Have a look at the live preview of a responsive website rendered in different devices.

Note: See in a large screen – Laptop / Desktop

Use our responsive web design tester

Check out how your website looks on tablet, phablet and other mobile devices.

Note: Test in a large screen – Laptop / Desktop

Pioneer of responsive web design in Chennai

With multiple devices availabe in today’s scenario, traditional fixed width websites make a bad user experience as the user has to scroll left to right, zoom in and out to browse through the contents of a website. A Responsive website adapts its contents to the device in which it is being browsed making it easy to read and navigate without zooming in and out. The contents of a responsive website takes the shape of the viewport (dimension of the device) like liquid taking the shape of the container. Thus provides an Optimal Viewing Experience irrespective of the device used.

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