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Are you a real estate agent and you still don’t have a website? Or your website doesn’t provide you enough leads? If your answer is no, you are in deep shit, dude. If someone wants to buy a house, he/she use the internet to find the best houses matching his/her requirements. So it is important for real estate agents to have websites to be visible to the prospective customers.
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Without a proper website, people interested in you can never reach you. Due to the recent growth of internet usage, real estate website design also increased in India. In the last decade, we saw a steep growth in the real estate industry and internet usage in India. This is an important fact real estate agents should take seriously.

A small survey in the Chennai showed that 93% of the people who bought or sold properties in the 2017 used internet. The rest 7% who didn’t use internet were above 50 years old. The results of this study showed that internet can be an effective way for real estate agents to reach their potential customers. Realizing the potential of the internet, real estate agents have already built websites to find buyers and sellers. If you still don’t have a website, don’t waste time. Get a website build immediately.

Real Estate Web Development Services

A website is important for any kind of business today. As far as a real estate company is concerned, their website is the most effective tool to generate sales leads. It improves the visibility and helps more people to find the company. You have to make sure if your website is equipped with the right tools for better conversion. There are many factors to consider while hiring a real estate website development company. If you get your website designed by a mediocre website development company, you are not likely to get any benefit from the website. It is important to choose a company with a proven track record and portfolio.

At Spidergems, we offer real estate website development services for more than 5 years. We help real estate agents and brokers to build a strong online presence by building them websites that are equipped with effective tools to increase their business. A proper website is probably the most effective tool in the marketing arsenal of a real estate company.

Our Services

Whether you are looking for a website build using themes or a fully custom-built website, Spidergems has a team of gifted UI&UX designers and talented back-end developers to meet your needs. Our designers strive hard to build spectacular websites that are personalized according to your requirements. We incorporate advanced features in your website to help your customers whether they want to sell or buy anything through your agency.

We ensure a magnificent UI and exceptional UX to render a professional look and feel for the websites we create. We try to our best to serve your website visitors to fulfill their needs easily and quickly. What makes us different from our competitors is our commitment and success in developing websites that help companies achieve their business goals. A website that doesn’t boost your business is futile. A successful website is supposed to help the company acquire more leads. We always give importance to build user-friendly websites which would encourage them to do business with our clients.

Developing a real estate website require lots of care and need to have an attention to even minute details. Real estate web development is a special skill and our team is gifted with talents to meet any kind of web requirements of real estate agents.

We don’t let your visitors leave your website without making that first connection. We design the UI and UX of the real estate websites with smart call-to-actions to encourage them to provide you the information to contact them which would help you get maximum leads. There is no use even if tens of thousands of people visit your website daily but leave the website without providing their contact details or don’t contact you. For a real estate company, a website should function as a tool to generate leads whom you can contact immediately or send promotional emails periodically to convert them into customers. A real estate company website that doesn’t generate enough leads is useless. We design real estate websites to make the visitors trust the company so that they will provide their contact details in the lead generation forum.

We Help Visitors Get What they Want Quickly

We use advanced search functions in real estate websites to help visitors to get what they want quick. Visitors reach in your website to find properties that match with their requirements. Your website may contain lots of properties suitable for them but if they find it difficult to find it from the heaps of properties, they may leave your website and never come back. A good real estate website should help its visitors to find what they want easy. This is an important factor to consider in real estate web development.

We use various parameters in the advanced researched to make the search easier for the visitors.Visitors should be provided with images to get better ideas of the properties they are interested in. This brings another problem. Having so many images on a website can increase the loading time which would increase bounce rate and eventually affect search engine ranking.

You can see most of the real estate website contain lots of images because images on a real estate website have a huge impact on the visitors. Visitors value the images rather than the words in the websites. Images speak better than thousands of words and help people to get a better idea of the concepts or things. Moreover, images on the website are powerful because they can grab the visitors’ attention and convert them into leads.

It is important to use quality images of the properties on your website to attract the attention of visitors and create a good impression among them. However, using quality images can slow down the website which would give a bad user experience to your visitors and you may lose them. So, we use advanced technologies to compress the images to reduce the size without losing the quality. Moreover, we also use techniques like progressive loading for images to give optimum experience for your visitors. The websites we create are designed to retain visitors for long time which made us the best real estate website design agency in India.

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