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Private Limited Company Registration

Lave the intricate process of registering your business as a private limited company in India to us. We can take care of everything for you, so you can sit back and focus more on your business while we focus on the legal procedures.

Limited Liability Partnership Registration

Register your small business as an LLP company to limit your liability over your business and protect your partners’ and your personal assets when the business goes bankrupt.

Tax registration

GST Registration

We take care of the entire process of GST registration for your business, get GST identification number, file your returns and manage all other GST related requirements.

Shops and Establishment Registration

We file the application for the registration along with the required documents at the respective authority on behalf of you. This process doesn’t require your physical presence.

Professional Tax Registration

We help you to complete the state-levied Professional Tax Registration without any hassle. Our team will conduct a thorough check of the documents you need to submit to ensure there are no irregularities before we move ahead with your application.

Trademark & Copyright

Trademark Registration

Protect your brand identity elements like brand name, logo and slogan from being copied by others by registering them under the Trademark Act.

Copyright Registration

Establish your ownership and protect your work of art like logos, software, creative works, and different forms of content like photographs, videos, and text content by registering them under the Copyright Act of 1957.

Patent Registration

Patent Search

Our patent experts conduct a thorough search in the patent database to ensure your invention is original and there is no similar product in the database. It helps you to figure out the approval chance before proceeding with the patent application.

Provisional Patent

We can help you to obtain provisional patent to establish ownership over an invention even before the invention or product is finalized.

We start with examining your product or idea to understand its potential uses and its unique features compared to similar existing products. Then we draft an application based on various details and file the application with the registrar for a provisional patent.

Note: Provisional patent is valid only for 12 months

Patent Registration

We help you to prepare all the required documents and walk you through the complicated process of claiming patent for your invention. It gives you the exclusive ownership over your invention and legally prevents others from creating, copying, using, or selling your invention without your permission.

Legal Documentation

Terms of Services and Privacy Policy

Protect the interest of your business and avoid legal complications in the future by creating and filing a well-devised terms of service and privacy policy document with the help of our legal experts.

Founders Agreement

Our top-rated legal experts help you to prepare the founders agreement that covers the different duties of the establishing associates of your business, capital endowed to each of them, the possession of intellectual property developed under them or their leadership and many other factors.

Employment Contract

We help you to prepare a well-devised employment contract that covers the rights of your business as well as your employees, salary break-up, notice period, and non-compete clause, etc. to avoid uncertainty, protect your company’s interests and minimize legal liabilities.

Mandatory Compliance

We can help you to ensure that your company follows the various mandatory compliances and guidelines as required by law. It helps you to focus more on the day to day operations and growth of your business rather than tedious process of legal matters.

We ensure that you follow the mandatory compliances like conducting board meetings and auditing on time, filing the annual return and financial statements regularly and directors follow the processes required by law.

Closing a Company

We can help you to smooth the process of winding up or closing your private limited company. It can be tedious and will take forever to close your company if you don’t submit the documents, statements of accounts and other related details on time.

Employee Stock Ownership Plan

We take care of the business valuation, allotment of shares and manage all the paper works related to preparing the employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) for your business. It helps you to attract, retain good employees and motivate them to work for the growth of your business.
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