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Are you thinking about building a website for your hotel by yourself? We offer hotel website templates for free download which you can use to build a website for your hotel. Probably you don’t want to spend a huge amount hiring a web developer or you think it not worth spending money for a developer when you can do that by yourself. You can use our free website to build a website for your hotel or resort without anyone’s help. A website can help you get more inquiries and customers with through the visibility on the internet. The best part of using a template is that you don’t have to pay a huge amount for the developer and you can set the website up in a couple of days if you have the contents images ready.

It takes a lot of efforts and creative thinking to design and develop a website from the scratch. With this hotel website template, you have the complete website setup except the content. It doesn’t take much time to replace the demo content in the template with your content.

Using a template is that simple. 20 years ago, it was difficult to find a person who can develop a website. Today, as the technology progressed, it has become possible for anyone with basic internet skills to build a beautiful website if they wanted. You can create beautiful websites using CMS like WordPress or Magento even if you don’t know HTML and CSS. Another option is using HTML templates. An HTML template is a finished website with demo contents. The demo content in the template can be changed based on the requirements of the user. Instead of the text and images in the template, you can use your own images and website copy. A template also includes CSS and JavaScript but you don’t have to make any changes in them.


Hotel Website Template
for Free Download

Free Hotel Website Template with HTML and CSS

There are many websites offering free as well as paid templates. These templates are developed by experts. Most of the free templates lack quality and using that may ruin your brand image. Spidergems offers templates for different kinds of websites for free anyone can download, use it for personal or commercial purposes or edit it the way they want without any restriction. However, you will not have the right to sell this template although you can share them for free. You can use HTML templates to develop your websites very quickly. The best thing about using a template is that you don’t have to be a geek to customize them. Anyone with basic knowledge of HTML can edit it the way you want; what you have learned in the high school itself is more than enough for this. This hotel website templates available free download contains HTML, CSS and Jquery. The template has all featured needed for a quality website.

Responsive Hotel Website Template for Free Download

We provide responsive hotel website template for free download, so you can build a website that Google will like which will help you get more visibility in the search results in Google. If you are considering a user-friendly website for your hotel, this responsive template will help you. Your visitors can open the website from computer, tablet or smartphones and it will look fine on every device.


Responsive Design

The template has a responsive design so the site will look good regardless of the device, visitors use to access the website. Years ago, the website layout was static which would give better control over the design of the web pages. A static website had a fixed width and the width will not change according to the width of the browser window. One problem with this was, a website with long width will look fine on a computer screen while visitors had to scroll horizontally to read the content in smaller screens. Media query function in the CSS3 along with the fluid width and flexible images helped designers to create websites that dynamically change width based on the browser window. This kind of layouting had many names. In 2011, Ethan Marcotte used the term responsive web design in his book Responsive Web Design for the theory and practice of building websites with dynamic layouts using CSS3. A responsive layout will adjust the width based on the width of the browser window and the layout will change for different widths. For example, a 4-column image gallery will become 2-column if the width of the browser window becomes smaller and 1-column when the width becomes even smaller. This kind of layout provides a good user experience on any devices. Moreover, this made the need of a separate mobile version of the website obsolete. Google recommends responsive design because it is user-friendly and it penalizes websites that are not responsive.

Download the template for free

Although we are offering this hotel website template for free, it is not of a second-rate quality. Using this hotel website template, you can build a beautiful website for your hotel with all features a premium website would have. You can modify the theme in any HTML editor you want. If you want to edit the contents of the layout like you would do in MS Word, you can use software like Adobe Dreamweaver.

Features of the Template

Responsive Design

All templates we develop have a responsive layout and it will render well any kind of devices.


The template is made with the Bootstrap framework and so it easier to make changes in the style and design if you want.

HTML5 and CSS3

The website template is developed based on the latest HTML5 and CSS3 practices which is good for SEO.

Cross-browser compatibility

It is ensured that the website works fine in every browser in and device.

How can We Help You

Search engine ranking! That might be a nightmare for most website redesign companies. Sometimes, the years of efforts you put into SEO may go waste due to a simple careless change on your website.

You don’t have to worry about the search engine ranking when we redesign your website. We take special care to ensure the redesign will not negatively impact your website. We have years of experience in website redesign services and helped hundreds of clients to revamp their website without destroying their SEO.

If your website is not responsive yet, don’t waste more time. Get your website immediately redesigned and make it responsive. Responsiveness is the most important element in user-experience that you can never neglect in a website. Users would find it extremely difficult to use your website on certain devices if the website is not responsive.

Moreover, websites that are not responsive are penalized by search engines which will push your website’s ranking.

If you haven’t changed your website content for a couple of years, probably it is filled with certain keywords throughout your website. Years back, it was the way we improved our search engine ranking. Now, things have changed and keyword stuffing is penalized.

Now you need content that is quality content on your website to rank well on your website. If you don’t know how to write SEO content, we can help you write quality content for your website based on the current requirements.

If you struggle with the existing dashboard of your websites CMS, we can personalize it for you during your website redesign. We will personalize the dashboard of your website to make it less intimidating for you. Updating the content on your website will be as easy as posting a pic on Facebook.

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