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Customer Accounts and Guest Management

The customer account management system with rich features will allow you to save the preferences, browsing history on your website and previous orders to give a better experience for them. You can provide personalized suggestions based on the user data.

It also helps you to build relationships with your customers and get them more involved in your brand community. Apart from that, you can also receive reviews from the registered users.

It is quite intimidating for the visitors to go through a dozen steps to purchase a product from your website. As the number of required steps to make a purchase increase, the cart abandonment rate increase. We pay special attention to make it easier for your customers to purchase from your website.

We also allow guest checkouts for your website visitors without requiring them to create an account on your website. It is really useful for the first time visitors because the registration process may interrupt the buying process.

Inventory Management

We create an inventory management system for every e-store to keep track of the entire lifespan of each item and part the merchant purchase from their suppliers. An e-store would receive thousands of items from the suppliers to create the products and the package for them. It needs to be tracked and monitored systematically to run an e-commerce business successfully.

The inventory management system allows you to monitor the amount of available items, the amount of items used, and the amount of items required. You can monitor where each item is stored in the warehouse or storage facility. You can also track the items that are most used so you can increase the amount of order of particular items.

The inventory management system will also allow you to define a minimum stock level for each product so the merchant can order the products before the product becomes out of stock.

Order Management

Flawless order management is the key to the success of any e-commerce website. So we create a perfect synchronized order management system to track and deliver the correct order to the correct buyer.

The build comprehensive order management panels for the e-stores to help you (the merchant) find all detailed information regarding order, cancellation, and refund, etc.

It provides a single platform where you can manage all the orders you receive. It also automates the end-to-end order lifecycle and takes care of order capture, order validation, order release, shipment details, customers, communication, and order settlement.

We also set up additional features to improve the fraud protection and check for suspicious orders before they are processed.

With the flawless order management system we designed, you don’t have to worry about common issues in the order management process. The backend dashboard of the system will give you an overall view of the current orders and their real-time status.

Shipping Options

We know that you may lose valuable potential customers and may end up with tons of abandoned carts if you don’t offer convenient shopping options for your customers. Therefore, we integrate all popular shipping options preferred by your users to provide the best experience for your customers.

Shipping of the orders is a crucial part of your business, and it can make or break your company.

We can include popular shipping options on your e-store depending on your shipment strategies. We create custom solutions on the website to meet all your shipping needs.

The real integration with the shipping providers would help you provide the accurate shipping cost based on the location of the delivery address and the size and weight of the product.

Offering the wrong shipping options on your website may end you up in loss or poor experience for your customers. Therefore, we integrate the best shipping options on your e-commerce website for growing your business.


You can provide special coupons to your potential or existing customers, and give them special discounts or offers. We customize your e-commerce website to accept the coupon codes entered by your customers and provide them special discount. It is an excellent way to attract more customers to your site and increase conversion rate.

You can run special flash sales with aggressive marketing campaigns through different marketing/advertising channels and attract millions of customers to your website. Your customers can use the exclusive coupons you provided them via email or social media and get special discounts on purchases.

You can increase the number of sales, popularity, and customer loyalty with the coupons. Apart from that, offering products with special discounts using coupon code is a great way to sell the items in your inventory that is not selling. Offering them special discounts may help you to sell them.

Unlimited Variations of Product

You can list all the variations of your products so your customers can pick the exact variation they want. A product may come in different variations based on the size, color or other features. For example, you may have a t-shirt available in different colors, and each color may also come in different sizes like medium, small, and large, etc. It means you have dozens of variation for a single t-shirt.

For some products, there might be innumerable variation. If your e-commerce website doesn’t have the facility to add unlimited variations of a product, it is not good for you. Your customers can’t find the exact product they wanted, and they may leave your website for your competitors.

We ensure picking the right variation of the product is easier. You can create unlimited variations like size and color for each product. You can also specify a special rate for each variation of the product.

Payment Gateway Integration

We can integrate any popular payment gateways into your e-stores to give a diverse payment option to your customers. If you are not sure about which payment gateway you want to use, we can help you pick them based on your target market, service charge and other relevant factors.

Your customers will be redirected to a payment gateway depending on the option they choose. The buyer makes the payment, and it will be received in your (merchant) account instantly, so the order is placed.

This off-site payment method will help you to win the trust of your customers. The security and trustworthiness of the payment gateways give the customers a feeling of security which increases conversion rate. Having more number of payment options on your e-commerce helps you to address the inconvenience of most number of people. Therefore, we ensure that all popular payment systems are integrated to your e-commerce store.

We give special importance to provide a seamless experience to the users of the website. The design of an e-commerce website is more about the user experience than its aesthetic beauty. People don’t like an e-commerce website that takes them through lots of stages to order a product.

Understanding the frustrations of your customers, we take special care to make the journey of buyers from finding the products they want to the final step of ordering easy and quick. It is important to let your customers with minimal steps and least effort.

Considering the ever-increasing volume of visitors from smartphones, it is also important to make the website mobile-friendly. The ability to make purchases anytime from anywhere is the biggest advantage of ecommerce and hence you should expect a huge traffic from the mobile devices.

ecommerce website development company in chennai

We take special measure when it comes to ecommerce website development in Chennai, we make the loading time quicker and serve the users with the only the information they want.

When it comes to the structure of an e-commerce website, the information architecture is really important. Your products are classified into categories and sub-categories. If the navigational experience of the user is bad, users may leave your site for your competitors and you lose business. So we give special attention in designing the structure of a website.

Easy to Use Technologies

We build e-commerce websites in WooCommerce, Shopify, Magneto and Drupal Commerce. We make the process of adding products and making changes easier for you. With the easy to use back-end user interface, you can add products, define specifications and make changes in the existing products by yourselves.

ecommerce development company in Chennai

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Ecommerce Website Development in Chennai

We earned the trust of our clients by building successful ecommerce websites with following features. Ecommerce websites we have created so far drive huge traffic to the website from the targeted market, provide good user experience, offer high conversion rate and retain the customers. We helped our clients to get a high return on investment by building them effective and successful ecommerce websites and we earn a high reputation in ecommerce website development in Chennai.


Drive Traffic

All the websites we create are SEO-friendly which makes it easier to get on top of search engine result pages for specific products. We also provide ecommerce digital marketing services and offline marketing services to drive more traffic to your website.

Returning Traffic

Ecommerce website should prompt users to come back to the website. When users have a bad experience with website, they are more likely to avoid the website even if it is on the top of search engine result pages. A successful ecommerce website is supposed to give a first-rate experience to the user.

High Conversion Rate

A huge traffic to the website doesn’t give you any profit unless visitors make purchases. Conversion highly depends on the user interface, user experience, showcasing of products and the buying process.

Users Retention

A satisfied customer comes back to your website and makes more purchases. Moreover, they are likely to suggest your website to their friends and relatives. Ecommerce website has to foster the relationship between the company and customers to retain the customers and maximize the profit. We achieve this by using bulk email marketing



Ecommerce services

We evaluate your company and its services to find the target market and prospective customers of your business. We also analyze the website data to measure the effectiveness of the strategies followed and revise the strategies based on the data.

If you are an offline retailer or wholesaler and want to start selling online, we can help you integrate the ecommerce facility into your existing website. Whatever be the platform of your website, we can add ecommerce feature to the website seamlessly.

Are you not happy with the sales through your existing e-commerce website? Or you want to update the website with the latest technology? Whatever be the reason, we can redesign the website for you to increase the conversion rate, and update the technology. We provide the best ecommerce website development in Chennai and have intellectual resources to come up with best suitable strategies based on the type of products, market and prospective customers.

Are you a small-scale online retailer and want to migrate from Shopify to WooCommerce due to the annual fee? Or do you want to try Magenta instead of WooCommerce? We will help you to migrate your ecommerce website from one platform to another. Spidergems is a one-stop-solution for all your ecommerce requirements we offer 360 services. In case you have a problem with the website, we have the 24×7 support to help you anytime you want.

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