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Do you want to get your business website appeared on the top of the Google results for particular queries? Probably you have tried those “SEO tricks” you found online to improve website ranking and failed miserably. Don’t be desperate. SEO is not an easy job. It needs lots of skills and efforts to bring websites on the first page of search engine results pages (SERP) for queries that are relevant to your business. So let it be done by professionals.

We are a result-oriented SEO company in Chennai helping companies to get better ranking on search engines and get more visibility than their competitors. We can help you optimize your website based on the latest standards and improve different ranking factors of your website. This helps you to be seen by your target customers when they are searching for what you offer.

Our SEO services will help you to

We are one of the top SEO specialists in Chennai. We assure improvement in the search engine rankings in less time. We have already helped dozens of companies to achieve top positions in search engines and it made us one of the most sought-after SEO experts in Chennai. We can help you to attract customers towards your company instead of reaching out to them. While people search for information about the product or service you offer, you need to be right in front of them.

Get better visibility on online with your website Bring appropriate visitors to the website Increase Traffic Convert more visitors We convince the search engines in genuine ways that you have the best solutions for particular problems or queries.

Why should you do SEO for my Website?

A website helps the companies to build an online presence and to appear for people when they search for particular services or products.

When there are so many companies, some companies can appear on the top of the search engines result pages (SERP) and get more visibility over others.

If you could rank top on the search engines, you would get more traffic to your website and thus more customers. This is where SEO becomes a handy tool for companies to generate more sales.

SEO helps you to increase your online visibility and bring target customers interested in your products to your website.

Once you bring them to your website, you can convert them. Ultimately, SEO boosts appropriate traffic to the website and give you more sales.

Why should you Hire an SEO Company?

If you are in a less competitive market, you can achieve good ranking in search engines if you invest time and energy on that. However, there is a disadvantage there. Spending your energy on SEO may take your attention away from your actual business and it may affect your company.

For companies in a highly competitive market, SEO would not be that easy. It is really difficult to appear even in the first 4 pages of search engine results. You should remember that people don’t even go beyond the first couple of pages.

Moreover, most of your competitors are already using SEO agencies to get better ranking and it would be impossible for you to beat them by yourself. Therefore, it is better to outsource your SEO works to SEO specialists or digital marketing agencies rather than doing it by yourself or employing SEO professionals in your company.

SEO Service in Chennai

We help companies to transform their online identity with a beautiful website and increase their visibility with SEO. We improve the ranking of websites in on search engines and attract more customers to the website. We use proven methodologies and innovative techniques to convince the search engines that your website has better solutions for particular problems or queries.

We bring your business unnoticed by the majority of your target customers to limelight with the power of SEO and give you an advantage over your competitors. Our dedicated team ensures that your company is visible and accessible to your prospects whenever they search for products or service you offer. You don’t have to worry about getting more customers since we do that for you. All you have to is offer your amazing products or services to your customers we drive to your company.

How to Find the Best SEO Company

There are many companies in Chennai claiming that they can boost the ranking of websites but the truth is most of them hardly achieve what they claim. You will lose your valuable time and money if you choose wrong agencies to do SEO for your website.

Before you choose SEO companies you need to check their previous works and make sure they gave results for their existing clients. Additionally, if you see well-known brands on the list of clients of any agencies, that is also a good indicator.

When it comes to choosing an SEO agency, you should never compromise the quality. Hiring mediocre agencies would cost you both time and money. By the time you realize that you chose the wrong agency, your competitors might have reached far ahead in the SEO and that would make it difficult for you to beat them.

Some SEO agencies in Chennai use black-hat techniques to get better ranking immediately. Although this helps temporarily, it can affect your website ranking negatively in the long run.

Therefore, you have to make sure you choose the agencies that use accepted methods to increase ranking. At Spidergems, we use methods recommended by search engines in SEO to ensure long-term benefits for our clients.

How can SEO Benefit your Company?

Studies showed that more than 70% of total searches on search engines only open first three results. It means if you can’t position your website on the first three positions in SERPs for relevant searches you lost a huge part of prospective customers who are interested in your product.

Here is a short example of how SEO can benefit a business. On average, a company makes 500 sales and generates 5 Lakh rupees per month without much help of their website. So, the average revenue per sale is 1,000 rupees (500,000 / 500 = 1,000). There are 5000 searches per month on Google related to the products the company sells. If the company could appear among the top 3 positions in the SERPs, it can bring at least 60% of the total searchers to their website. That would be 3,000 visitors per month.

Several studies proved that, on an average, 12 – 14% of the total visitors are converted. When this is applied to our company in question, 360 (12% of the 3,000) visitors are converted. The average revenue per sale of the company is 1,000 rupees and if it is applied to the 360 extra customers, the additional revenue of 3.6 Lakh. It is almost 70% of growth.

All you needed to achieve this is getting your website on the top position in the SERP. It is very simple. If you bring appropriate visitors to your website, you get more business. So far, search engines are the best source to get traffic to the website. These visitors are organic and are interested in what the company offers. The best part is, as the number of searches and visitors goes up the profit would increase significantly.

However, it is really difficult to get top positions on SERPs if you are in a highly competitive market. You need to convince the search engines that you have the best solutions for particular searches or queries because search engines show the best results first. The problem is there may be dozens of competitors for you and most of them are doing the same.

Therefore, you need to compete against them to get better ranking. In this competition, you need to plan strategies that would convince the search engines that you are the best and implement them appropriately. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about doing all those SEO stuff by yourself. We provide SEO services in Chennai with guaranteed results. We do all the planning and implementation of SEO strategies for companies.

Be Visible to your Customers

You need to sell in order to make profits and stay in the business. When people search for the products or services you offer, you need to be right in front of them yelling you got the best solutions for them and you have to get their attention. Even if you sell the best products at affordable rates, you won’t get customers if they don’t know about you. Therefore, the first thing to do is to let them know that you have solutions for their problems. Otherwise, there is no way you could get customers.

The internet has changed the way people find solutions and information whether it for researching about products and services or to purchase them. They open search engines and type what they want. They consider the first few results in the search engines and would neglect the rest. If you could grab the any of the top 3 position on the first page you can attract all those searchers and convert a considerable amount of these visitors. Here is where our SEO services help you.

We rank your website for certain keywords in all popular search engines and increase your visibility. We follow a number of steps to achieve this. Optimize your Website Search engines evaluate all websites and web pages and rank them based on many factors. For example, Google considers around 200 factors to determine the ranking of a website. Some of the most important factors that positively affect the ranking are the relevance of the content, user-experience of the website, backlinks pointing to the webpage and the popularity of the websites giving the backlinks etc.

The factors that would negatively affect the ranking are duplicate content, high bounce rate, less click-through rate, high bounce rate and over-optimization to name a few. Your website needs the factors that are liked by search engines. We create search engine friendly contents for each web page on your website and modify the code the way search engines recommend.The factors that would negatively affect the ranking are duplicate content, high bounce rate, less click-through rate, high bounce rate and over-optimization to name a few. Your website needs the factors that are liked by search engines. We create search engine friendly contents for each web page on your website and modify the code the way search engines recommend.

We use meta title and description tags to increase the relevancy of the page for certain keywords. We also ensure that the meta titles and descriptions are persuasive to attract maximum clicks from the search engines. We optimize code based on the recommendations of various search engines. Sometimes, poor structuring or coding of the website may not give the intended benefits even it is optimized. In such case, we consider redesigning the website based on the latest standards.

Website Redesign for SEO Websites with old technologies are not search-engine friendly and you may need to redesign the website. We have expert designers and developers to help you redesign websites based on the latest standards. Our SEO executives then optimize the website with SEO copy and content. We also structure the web pages to pass the link juice from pages to pages the way the site benefit. Redesigned websites also make the visitors think that the company is alive and active.

A website that is not modified for years gives the impression that the company is not active and they may avoid it. Optimize Server Side The server also has to be optimized to boost the ranking because it has a huge impact on the SEO. Poor performing servers may slow down the website or go down frequently. This affects the user-experience of the website which is a strong ranking factor. Therefore, we optimize your server for better performance of the website or sometimes move the website to a different server.

Link Building Your website needs links from popular and authentic website to make improve the authenticity of your website. The links you get is an indicator of trust and therefore search engines would reward that. We use different strategies to get links pointing to your website to make it popular. We also offer guest posting service to get links to the websites. Our talented content writers can prepare quality content on any topic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Apart from SEO, we also offer other digital marketing services. We offer PPC, content marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing. We have special wings in our team for each of these operations.

We help companies to run PPC campaigns in AdWords. AdWords helps companies to display ads in the Google’s search engine result pages (SERP) as well as a few other partner platforms of Google. In SERPs, these ads get much more visibility than organic results. This is a great way to bring people who are almost ready to buy particular product or service.

AdWords campaigns boost the visibility of companies in the search engines without much effort. This helps companies to bring a high volume of relevant traffic to the website easily and convert them. We design conversion optimized landing pages for AdWords campaigns. When it comes to the landing pages, we give emphasis to persuade the visitors to make desired actions on the website and increase the conversion rate.

The best way to increase the popularity of a brand is content marketing. This can benefit a company in SEO and in building a loyal community around the brand. Providing useful and relevant contents on the blog on your website or providing free PDFs, videos or useful contents in other forms for free would make you loved by your target customers. If you help them with the information and other types of content they want they would be loyal to your brand and they would choose you over your competitors when they want to buy a product that you sell. Moreover, they may promote your brand for you.

We have content creators to create different types of contents in our team. We can create the content for you and provide them for free on your website. People searching for particular information may reach on your website seeking the free content you provide. This helps you to increase the overall traffic to the website which would positively impact your website’s popularity. The more popular you become, search engines will love you and this would help you get better ranking. The content we post on your blog will also help you to get links from other websites and blogs which would increase your popularity and authenticity.

This also increases the search engine ranking because search engines would think that people trust your website and so they give a boosting for your website. We will do all these content creation and promotion for your company and bring target customers to the website.

You need to have a strong presence on all popular social media websites to build a good online identity. Your customers would search for you on social media to know more about you before they make the final decision. Therefore, you need to have an active presence there to convince them that you are a genuine company and people like you. Additionally, social media is a great platform to improve your visibility.

You can also build an active community if you are active on the social media. However, managing social media accounts is difficult. You need to post exciting posts there to keep your fans interested in you. We got talented copywriters and graphical designers to create amazing posts for your social media accounts.

We also optimize social media profiles to get better visibility and impression among the social media users. We follow result oriented methods and helped our clients to drastically improve the sales with the power of SEO. We offer best-quality service and guarantee results for any kind of companies and businesses.

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