Bulk Email Service Provider in Chennai

The best bulk email service provider in Chennai for reliable and affordable email marketing campaigns. We provide you with an advanced bulk emailing application with powerful features like smart import & export function, parallel sending and auto bounce-back engine. Take complete control over the process and get complete analytics of each campaign in real time.
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Best Bulk Email Service Provider in Chennai

Spidergems is the best bulk email service provider in Chennai for running effective email marketing campaigns. Over the years, we have managed email marketing campaigns of companies from various industries. The insight we have learned from each campaign to help us plan and execute a successful email marketing campaign for any company.

Why Bulk Email Marketing

High ROI

Studies prove that email marketing provides the highest ROI compared to any other form of marketing.

Cheapest Marketing Channel

The cheapest way to reach prospective customers interested in the product or service you offer.


You can measure the impact of your email marketing accurately and modify campaign strategies.

Personalized Approach

Email marketing is personal, and it will help you build strong relationships if used appropriately.

Immediate Results

You get immediate results as most of your target customers would open their email within 24 hours.

Bulk Email Service Provider in Chennai

New to Bulk Email Marketing? Here is How It Works

Successful email marketing campaigns are essential for any business. Whether it is a small business like a flower shop or multi-billion corporates like Amazon, email marketing is considered the most effective way to reach interested customers. You can reach to your target customers via social media if you want but it is not as effective as email marketing.

Social media is highly saturated with content and noisy. It is very difficult to get the full attention of your target customers and build a connection with them on social media. While social media is the best place to engage with your fans community, it is not that effective as email marketing when it to comes to compelling them to make particular action immediately.

You can announce the latest offers and attract more sales via email marketing campaigns. You can also give out special offers for the people in your email subscribers so you can make them loyal customers. When you do this, your target customers would feel like you have sent them a personal email because you address them with their name. On the contrary, you address a group, not a person in the social media which is less personal.

Why Choose Us

Affordable Packages

We provide packages priced reasonably to help small businesses reach their customers directly.

Persuasive Email Copy

Our copywriters create excellent content for email campaigns to convince your customers to take action.

Professional Design

We have talented designers to create professional HTML email designs for your email campaigns

Regular Reports

We create and provide reports on the performance and effectiveness of the email marketing campaigns.

Packages to Meet Any Requirement

We have different packages ranging from startup to enterprise to meet any email marketing requirement.

Mobile-friendly Emails

Your email has a responsive design, so it looks great on desktop, tablet, and mobiles.

Spidergems: The Leader of Bulk Email Service Providers in Chennai

We are committed to providing the most value to our customers. We implement special strategies for each client based on the unique nature of their business and target audience. We have a huge infrastructure to manage even the email marketing campaigns targeting millions of customers. The insight we have gained from the years of experience in running email marketing campaigns for well-known brands help us to deliver high-quality service to our clients and become the best bulk email service provider in Chennai.

We conduct a detailed analysis of each email marketing campaign to figure out its effectiveness. It helps us to polish our strategies and give a better result for our clients. We have also developed a unique email marketing tool that makes running email campaigns easy and cheaper based on the lessons we have learned through the years.

You start by building an email list of people interested in the product or service. You need them to give you their email id and permission to send them emails. There are many different ways to get them. The next step is to create an email and send them to the inbox of the people in your email list. You need to use a bulk email service provider to send personalized emails to your email subscribers. You should remember that your subscribers may unsubscribe from your list, mark you as spam or block you if you don’t give them any value.

It is very easy to annoy your valuable customers or prospects and lose them forever because you deal with them directly in email marketing. Therefore, you need to be very strategic while planning and running email marketing campaigns.

You need your email campaign to be well-planned; otherwise, it may harm your business. If you don’t have a good strategy for the email campaign, it may cause a negative impact. Once you upset a customer or to-be-customer, you lose them forever. Therefore, you should choose the best bulk email service provider in Chennai to get the positive result you want.

Your customers may be flooded with dozens of marketing email every day which makes it difficult to get the attention of your customers. Our copywriters come up with unique and compelling subject lines for your campaigns to get the completed attention of your customers and persuade them to open it. We also give special emphasis to create a design and message that would make your message memorable.

We track your email and measure the effectiveness of the campaign. We can figure out how many people received the email, how many opened it and how many took the desired action.

We keep track of all these and prepare reports to help you understand the effectiveness of your campaign. We will also help you modify the campaign. We are the best bulk email service provider in Chennai offering the best value to the clients.

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