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You want a website for your small business but worried about the cost?. If yes, probably you have in a pursuit to find out the best website designers for your small business. You can relax now. You got the right one.

Our special service package of web design services for small businesses and startups at affordable rates might be the best choice for you. We build unique and stylish websites which would give you best ROI.

Why do you need a website?

Whether you have a small business or a startup, you need a website to reach your business goals. Up until now, a website for small businesses in India was a luxury. The growth in the internet consumption and number of people with access to internet has made it a necessity for small businesses in India to have a website.

Your customers go online when they have a need for the products or services you sell. You have to be there right in front of them when they search for your products. Otherwise, they may find your competitors and you lose opportunities. Don’t waste time. It’s become essential for small businesses to set up a website to help customers find them; whether it is a B2B or B2B company.


Best Website Designers
for Small Business

Best web design companies for small businesses

Would you hire an architect to build a 1000 sq. ft. house?. Would you bring a professor in university to teach students in a primary school? Probably not. This same logic applies to the selection of web designers to build a website for your small business. You may not want to hire premium website developers to build your website. They are not the best for small businesses for several reasons. Your website may not need to be coded by world-class developers because you are not a big brand.

Your company is not a big brand and it doesn’t need a dynamic and complex website coded by world-class developers. Big web design agencies put so many thoughts and innovations into the websites they create which would cost you lakhs of rupees.We have special teams of designers and developers for premium websites and affordable websites. We can help you build the website for your business to reach your target market and increase sales.

Small Business Website Design Tips

Detailed Section of Products and Services

You should give explicit descriptions of products and services you sell on your website. These should give them a clear idea of whether the products would help them or not. It is better to include all possible information in the descriptions of products and services.

Quick Loading

No one likes waiting. A website that takes ages to load will definitely turn off the visitors. Therefore, don’t keep your visitors waiting to see load your website. An idea website should load completely in less than 3 seconds.

Add personality

Give your website a personality which would make it unique, interesting and memorable. This would help you to stand apart from your competitors. You can add a personality in the following ways.

Stand apart from the crowd

Make your website unique and stand apart from the crowd. You can use minimalistic design with lots of white-spaces or you can play with colors. Simple websites can help the visitors to browse through easily and find the information they want very quickly.

Mobile friendly

Your customers might be accessing your website on a phone while they travel. If your website is not mobile friendly, your visitors will have a hard time on your website. Therefore, a responsive website that gives the best experience in every device is compulsory. Google may punish your website if it is not responsive which may prevent you from appearing on the top of front page of the search engine results.

Visible Contact Details

You need to provide your contact details including phone number and email id on your website since the visitors may want to contact you directly to clarify some doubts or for inquiries. It is better to include the physical address of your office or shop. The email id and phone number should be displayed prominently on the website.


A Google Maps snippet on your website can help your customers to reach you quickly using the “get direction” functionality in the Google Maps. This will encourage your customers to make a visit to your shop or office.

Build on CMS

If your website is built on content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, you can make small changes and modifications in the website by yourself. If your business would require regular updates on the website, a CMS is the best because you will not have to depend on the developers to make each change on the website.

Affordable Web Design Services

As the technology in the web industry has grown, the expenses have come down. Now, web designers can build websites faster. This saves us a lot of time and helps us to do more projects. We have decided to share this benefit with our customers and designed a special service package for a small business like yours. This service offers beautiful and elegant websites for affordable prices without compromising aesthetics and functionality.

You don’t have to spend tens of thousands of rupees to build a website for your website. Our special service package for small businesses and startups will get you a stunning website for your business. We use CMSs like WordPress and Magento to build websites for small businesses. This will help you to save plenty of money. These websites will be as beautiful and functional as custom-made websites are.

You can save a lot of money if you use templates for your website because it can reduce the time of development. Templates powered by Bootstrap are highly customizable and you can change the template to something entirely different in a few minutes. There is no point in thinking that website created using template won’t be unique in design and layout.

This way you can reduce the expense if you are concerned about the cost of developing a website

It would be better to check out some websites of small businesses in your niche and other industry. Here is a list of some websites we have we have created for our clients with small businesses.

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