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Web & Mobile App 

We developed backend web application for the Admin, mobile application for their staff.


8 Members

Business Analyst, Project Manager, UI/UX Developer, Web Developers, Mobile Developers & Test Engineers


3 Months

Of dedicated work



Vurve is a Signature Salon, headquarted in Chennai. It has multi-brnaches in Chennai and Bangalore.


Vurve wanted to develop an application to stream-line their internal process with priority focus on their facility management. The team was handling their internal process using WhatsApp and Excel. It was high time for them to organise as things went out of control. No control over the assets on different branches, expenses made on those assets, maintenance etc. That is when we were approached by them. After few rounds of discussions we understood their process and came up with a solution.

What the client wanted

The reqirement was to develop web and mobile application to  manage the assets, staff, tickets, finance & feedback.

  • Tracking

    The client wanted to track every action that happens on each asset of the organisation.

  • Notifications

    Two kinds of notifications were to be implemented, event and time based.

  • Intuitive UI

    The client wanted to have a simple yet an effective UI replicating their current process

Spidergems solutions

We developed mobile app for the internal staff and web application for the administrator. The admin dashboard projects the tracking of each asset in different branch. The most important pain of the client was they were not able to see the cost incurred on managing these assets. This has been solved by implementing finance tracking module in the application.

  • Time and event based notifications
  • Efficient asset tracking
  • Easy ticketing
  • Branch management
  • Employee management
  • Asset management



Laravel | PHP


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