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Mobile & Web App

We developed backend web engine for admin, internal staff & vendors. Mobile application was developed for the customers, vendors & drivers.


11 Members

Business Analyst, Project Manager, UI/UX Developer, Web Developers, Mobile Developers & Test Engineers


6 Months

Of dedicated work



Foodigo is a Chennai based food delivery startup.


It has become a common practice among office goers to order food online due to the lack of time in preparing food. The online food industry is set to grow at a rapid phase in the coming years. Today the success of any online food delivery platform depends on the trust, quality of food, variety of food, delivery time and most importantly cost.

What the client wanted

The client wanted to have a food delivery application that is minimalistic and easy to use. 

  • Customer Friendly

    The application has to be customer centric - e.g., the order can not be closed without entering OTP shared by customer.

  • Simplicity

    The UI of the app was designed in a minimalistic manner.

  • Two Driver Roles

    The client required to have two driver roles, permanent and temporary. The commission calculation works differently for these roles.


  • Real Time Notification

    Getting realtime notification on the driver and vendor app is highly essential for effective functioning of the system. On sleep mode the notification sound gets muted, due to which the drivers and vendors were not able to take the required action.

  • GST & Non GST Vendors

    Tax calulation & payout has to be different for the registered and non registered vendors.

  • Brand Coupon & Vendor Coupon

    Two different coupon logic involved. One offered by the brand and the other offered by the vendor, both would affect the commision calculation in different ways.

Pain Areas

  • OTP based order closure

    Sometimes driver's data connectionn doesn't work on reaching customer's location. They were not able to close orders by entering OTP shared by customers.

  • Vendor Inventory

    Vendor's were not watchful to disable the unavailable food, this led to customer's ordering unavailable food and cancelling it later.

  • Not marking exact location

    Generally customers do not mark the exact location in the map, this led the drivers to reach wrong destinations.

Spidergems solutions

We were closely associated with the client. To address the challenges and the pain points we joined hands with the client to do real time ground testsing, where we went from location to location to ensure that the notifications and radius based search was working fine.

  • We created a second channel to override the sleep mode settings of the mobile to overcome the muted notifications on the driver and vendor apps
  • Diifferent coupon logic was arrived for brand and vendor coupons
  • Time based activation and deactivation of the food and menu was implemented
  • Order closure was made possible from the admin/manager dashboard
  • Tracking of restaurant and customer location happens through the Google navigator app
  • OTP based registration and login



Laravel | PHP


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