Ways to Make Your Website Standout

Most of the companies today look at the websites of their competitors and follow what they do exactly. It is a really bad practice when it comes to branding and […] Read More

White space in web design- What, how and Why

In the web design industry, most of the designers overlooked white space and didn’t utilize its power until recently. It was the popularity of modern and clean design that increased […] Read More

How Important Are Images in Your Website Design

The image is one of the most important elements in webpage composition. There are different types of images like photograph, illustration, icons, and symbols. We can use them to make […] Read More

Principles of Minimalistic Web Design

Minimalism is about removing all elements from a design except the bare minimum for the design to function. When it comes to the web design, minimalist design refers to a […] Read More

Reasons Why It’s Important to Choose Your Server Location

Many website owners and novice developers doesn’t care much about the physical location of server their website is hosted in. All they care about is the price, features, and configuration […] Read More

Building Your Own Website vs Outsourcing

Every small company in your area has a website and you also might be thinking about creating one. While researching about the benefits of building a business website and how […] Read More

Web elements to be on Your Business Website

Building a website is easy but building a successful website that helps companies to achieve business goals easily and contributes to the growth of the company requires lots of thought […] Read More

The Pros and Cons of Icons in Web Design

Font icons opened new possibilities to add icons and symbols into a web page without using images. Icons or symbols are highly efficient as they have a widely recognized meaning. […] Read More
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